Team 8 Takes on 2017

Dexter Field Hockey’s Team 8 is on the Road to States

By Jillian Chesney

Dexter’s 2017 field hockey team is one like no other.

This team is coached by Trish Mackemer, and is assisted by Keely Tamer, Maggie Olson, and Amy Binder. All of the coaches played in college and have great experience to share. The team is the smallest it’s ever been and is made up of mostly underclassman. In total, there are only 30 players, meaning the Dreads have just enough players to make two teams along with some subs.

Dexter field hockey refers to their team in numbers; This year is Team 8.

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Dreads Soccer Blanks Pinckney 4-0

Senior Ryan Sanders scores twice as Dexter improves to 11-0-1 on the season

By Michael Waltz

Dexter had complete control of its game against Pinckney from the kickoff.

Just a few minutes into Tuesday’s game, intense pressure on the Pinckney defense lead to a corner kick for Dreads’ senior Ryan Sanders. This ultimately lead to the first goal of the game by senior Cole Harrell knocking it in after a scramble out front. Continue reading “Dreads Soccer Blanks Pinckney 4-0”

Dexter 2.0: New Bond Prompts Dramatic School Upgrades

Nearly 70% of voters approve a bond that will generate $71.7 million for the school district over the next 10 years

By Tessa Kipke and Heather Brouwer

In the coming years, Dexter High School students can expect many changes, both big and small, in and around our school.

Because of the bond passed on August 8th that will bring $71.7 million to the school district to use over the next 10 years, the Dexter school district is embarking on a series of much-needed projects to improve our schools, all the way from Bates to the high school. The bond will pay for repairs and maintenance as well as district-wide renovations, the construction of a new elementary school and athletic fields, new buses, and the periodic replacement of technology.

Designed by Heather Brouwer / Informational Source: 2017 Bond Proposal Information

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Summer Movie Report

Here’s our rundown of this summer’s biggest successes and failures at the theater

By Jimmy Fortuna-Peak

This World War II epic follows the evacuation attempts of 400,000 stranded allied soldiers trapped in the French town of Dunkirk. Director Christopher Nolan pulls no punches in his 10th feature-length film and creates a tension-filled narrative that hooks the audience from start to finish. Rather than using dialogue, Nolan utilizes visual imagery to push the plot forward, making it a unique entry into the war film genre. Dunkirk received high praise from both fans and critics and could be looking at Oscar gold come year’s end. Analysis: Critical Success

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News Briefs

The biggest local, national, and international news stories that happened over the summer

Temple Mount Attack

by Tess Alekseev

Temple Mount lies near the Western Wall of Jerusalem in Israel, and it is hailed as a holy place for Muslim and Jewish people alike. On July 14th, there was a terror attack by three Israeli citizens of Palestinian origins who saw the recent surge in Jewish visitors to Temple Mount as an attack on the holiness of the site. After an intense shootout, two Druze cops were fatally shot along with the three gunmen. The attack prompted Israel to close Temple Mount for a brief period of time and to install metal detectors which angered Palestinian visitors. Jordan pressured Israel to take the detectors down. Eventually, Israel complied. Luckily, violence has since died down, and the fears of a third intifada did not come to light.

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Our View: Starting school an hour later won’t help student get more sleep

Every weekday morning, millions of school goers all across the country wake up to the sound of their alarm and get ready for the school day to come. Most wish desperately to have an extra hour of sleep, still tired from the day’s previous events. Many schools around the country have opted to push their start time an hour later. However, with the average high schooler’s schedule getting busier each year, starting school an hour later will have no benefit for sleep-deprived students.

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The Hidden Gems Review

Krazy Jim’s: All But Typical; Nothing But Worth It

By Jillian CHESney & Jacoby Haley

Prepare to be yelled at, rushed, and made fun of, but love every second of it.

At Krazy Jim’s Blimpy Burger, the staff is harsh, but the food is great. Upon entering, one is welcomed by the clean restaurant and warm scent of anything greasy.

With more than two million different burger combinations, the obscure menu features an artistic take on everything they serve at the burger joint, and the choices are quite nearly endless.

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