A Disappointing NBA Playoffs

By Riley Gore

The 2015-16 season has been a season of change for the NBA. The Golden State Warriors went 73-9, Kobe Bryant played his final NBA season, and new stars are beginning to emerge.

Being a big NBA fan (Pistons especially), I had a great time following the NBA season. I thought All-Star weekend was well put together, my two favorite teams had great seasons that weren’t expected, and everything seemed to be shaping up to make a great month of playoffs. I couldn’t be more ready.

I bought my Pistons tickets for game three and game four a month in advance, the day they were released to the public. All I wanted to see was the Pistons get one home win, and to see LeBron lose. Being the eighth seed, I wasn’t expecting a series win, all I asked for was one game.

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Former Technology Director Sentenced In Embezzlement Case

By Kyle Doyle & Lucas Bell

Brian Tungl, the former Technology Director for Dexter Community Schools, was found guilty of embezzling more than $50,000 in iPads, Macbooks,cell phones, cameras, batteries, hard drives, and other pieces of technology from the district on May 23, 2016,

School officials have stated that Tungl stole somewhere close to $300,000 over the course of  four years.

The legal battle that started following the 2014 investigation into Tungl’s actions was drawn out over the course of two years, finally ending yesterday. Judge David S. Swartz, of the Washtenaw County Trial Court, sentenced Tungl to six months jail time, 500 hours of community service, two years of probation, and restitution to the district. The amount of restitution will be officially decided within the next 60 days.

“We are saddened at DHS and Dexter Schools that a former employee took advantage of their position to purchase items for their personal use,” DHS Principal Kit Moran said. “Schools are already strapped for cash and knowing this a school employee knowingly embezzled school money… That hurts. And it really hurts kids!”

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Latest SPACE Show Was a Success

By George Deljevic

On May 20th, the talented Dexter High School students of the SPACE Club performed in front of a huge audience in the high school CPA.

Acts such as Barry Megler, Stewie Weber, Jake Lamb, Zach Barnes, and singer Kate Emrich redid the hit single “Let it Be.” The talent didn’t stop there, Craig Rafail performed one of his songs and blew the crowd away with his amazing guitar skills.

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