You Ask, We Answer

Advising worried seniors and giving underclassmen the how to’s of surviving high school

By Eliza Brown & Evelyn Maxey


Dear Eliza & Evelyn,

“I’ve been working on college applications and I’m feeling overwhelmed! After going on countless campus tours and looking into colleges, I’ve selected my top schools. I want to go to these schools so bad and if I don’t get into them, I don’t know what I’ll do. How do I handle waitlist and rejection letters?”


A scared senior

Hey Scared Senior,

No need to stress! The hardest part is over! You’ve applied, which is half the battle. What happens next is out of your control. Not knowing is scary, and so is rejection, but fear isn’t the only thing that will come of this. Think of the acceptances! It’s hard to balance being optimistic and realistic, but it’s something every student who’s applying to college needs to perfect. While some schools may turn you away, others look at your application and see your potential. Right now, you just need to make an effort to not fixate on the rejections, and focus on the potential that is so appealing to the colleges who say yes. More than anything, it’s important to realize that you’re not alone in this; there are 300 other seniors in Dexter going through the exact same thing. Most importantly, take the rejections letters and let the fire of your disappointment fuel your success.

TIP #1 : Slacking

Whether you find the assigned homework to be helpful in grasping the topic being taught, or if you already have the concept on lock and worksheets are just tedious: do them. Do them all. Right now, it may seem easier to throw caution to the wind and defy your teacher, but trust us, you’ll thank yourself later. Just completing your work now during your freshman and sophomore year will help your junior and senior year run so much smoother! Save yourself the stress later, and endure the headache inducing homework now.

TIP #2 : Lockers

If you’re a freshman, you may be finding it hard to adjust from Mill Creek’s strict policy of using lockers to the high school’s culture of carrying everything with you. Let me tell you something: not many students use lockers here. The convenience of carrying your backpack everywhere eliminates the need to stop at your locker between classes. Additionally since areas of the school have differing temperatures, it’s smart to carry your coat around as well. You don’t always have time to stop by your locker to grab your jacket when you’re speed-walking from the third floor to the science hall. Best way to be efficient: forget your locker.

TIP #3 : Hallways

Whether you’ve taken Driver’s Ed or not, I think we all know how the road works: you drive on the right, and if speed isn’t your game, you allow others to pass you on the left. There is nothing worse than being stuck behind a slow person. You may not be able to pick up the pace and that’s fine, but move out of the way. Hallways are just like highways. Walk on the right side; this protects us all against the raging current. If you walk on the left where everyone is walking towards you, it’s going to be difficult not to get swept away. Walk on the right, along with everyone else, and you don’t have to go head to head with people coming at you.