Winter Bucket List

Destination Winter Wonderland

by mitchell sterlitz

Briarwood Mall

The Briarwood Mall is always a good place to spend an afternoon, especially in the winter. Walking around with friends inside the mall during the coldest time of the year is a magical experience, especially with the smell of Cinnabon wafting through the air. It’s not a bad time to also get some Christmas shopping done for loved ones.

Emagine Theater Saline

Have you ever wondered what it’s like staying in a five-star hotel for an evening? Try the Emagine Theater in Saline with a self-playing piano in the grand entrance, chandeliers fit for the Titanic, and a fire roaring in the mansion-style fireplace. After taking in this upper-echelon lobby, it is fair to wonder how luxurious the actual theater is. The answer: very, very luxurious. Each individual seat is a leather recliner with enough room to stretch out comfortably, and for the couples, there are seats up front with plenty of room for both patrons. These seats cost the same as an individual ticket, saving money on the date. Tickets are $10 per person, which is fair when you consider the quality of the experience.

Mt. Brighton

Mount Brighton is the premiere destination in Southeast Michigan for all winter sport enthusiasts. It’s been around since 1960 and has been consistent in providing hours of fun on the slopes. With 24 trails, 5 chair lifts, and 130 acres, the resort seems small, but it has many exciting experiences. The newly revamped terrain park is full of rails, boxes, jumps, and other unique features that attract both younger and older riders to the park to see who has the best tricks. After being out all day in the cold, the Mt. Brighton lodge has 4 bars, a restaurant, and a cafeteria to warm up and refuel visitors.

Pond Skating

This activity is as old as anyone can remember- just throw on some ice skates and carve up any local pond that’s been freezing over the past few days. Pond skating is free, fun, and can be done almost anytime. There aren’t many opportunities any other time of the year to skate outside, so this is a necessity for the winter. After having a blast on the neighborhood pond, heading back home to hot chocolate is one of the best feelings in the world.