‘WE ARE’ Dreadnaught Basketball

Women’s varsity basketball team looks to relive 2013 run to the Breslin Center
By Caden Koenig & Lizzy Merriman

In 2013, the women’s varsity basketball team fought their way to the Breslin Center in East Lansing to compete in the state’s Final Four.

It has been three years since this accomplishment and the Dreads have continued to be a formidable squad. This season, Dexter has an impressive 18-1 record, turning the typical far-fetched goal of state championship into a realistic possibility.

Since freshman year, current seniors have made it a personal goal to go back to the Breslin Center. Being on that final four team, senior guard Taylor Olson knows what it takes to get back.

“This team has a different fire that the 2012 team did not,” senior guard Taylor Olson said. “They [the rest of the team] are stronger, faster and all are trying to make a difference on the team.”

Photographer - Brenden Ritter
Photographer – Brenden Ritter

Obviously there will be comparisons between the two teams because the successful teams tend to have similar characteristics. Head Coach Mike Bavineau sees many similarities between both squads.

“Really, there is not a lot that is different,” he said. “The one thing this group does better than any team we’ve had is defend. We can really guard people and that is going to give us a chance to win almost every game we play.”

The team’s only loss came in the first game of the season. Along with this, the Dreads are ranked No. 5 in the state according to State Champs Network. The 18-game winning streak which included eight blowout victories has helped earn this ranking. In order raise the bar of competition, Bavineau makes sure the Dreads challenged themselves by playing higher-calibur nonconference teams such as Toledo Central Catholic and Warren Cousino.

To win districts the Dreads will have to play the team that has held them back for the past three years: Ann Arbor Huron.

Bavineau is thankful the Dreads have come a long way from where they were three years ago.

“We understand the situations we are in and we do not fall to the magnitude of the moment,” he said. “You have a choice, you define the moment or the moment will define you.”

Photographer - Brenden Ritter
Photographer – Brenden Ritter