The Life of Pablo – The Album That Could Save Kanye

By Tyler Valentine

Kanye West. Very influential. Very controversial character in the media, is back at it again. After going under the radar in the music world since his album Yeezus, West has released what may be the best album of the year. He has named the album “The Life Of Pablo”, Pablo being Pablo Picasso, the most famous artist of the 20th century. Kanye got the inspiration to name it after one of the greatest artist of all times because he views himself to be similar to Picasso. A song in the album “No more Parties in L.A.” West says “I feel like Pablo when I’m making these shoes”, meaning he feels like he is creating great art when he designs shoes, which he is.

Before The Life Of Pablo, or TLOP, West was known for his harsh lyrics, and strong beats to go along with them. With TLOP, Kanye raps his same Kanye lyrics, but rather than overwhelming beat in the background, West decided to go with a more gospel feel, to reflect on his faith in God.

The first song on the album, “Ultra Light Beam”, is the epitome of the album. There is literally a gospel choir singing in it. He and Chance The Rapper rap about God. In the middle of the song, singer Kelly Price comes out of nowhere with amazing vocals. The song is the best in the album, and it gave Kanye what he needed to set a foundation for the rest of his career.

Kanye may get flack for his character, and how he acts as a person, but despite how he is as a person, he is a genius as an artist. He knows exactly how he is depicted in the media, and he knows exactly how to respond.

West knew he was losing popularity from his first album, Graduation, so he decided to go a new way, and reveal his religious beliefs. The whole album has a gospel feel, but with a twist that can easily appeal to 99% of our generation.

Tammy Lynn Photography
Tammy Lynn Photography


With vocalists like Kelly Price, and the Weeknd, and rappers like Chance, and Kanye, the album could give anyone goosebumps. The songs are so touching and have a tune to them that is just irresistible.

The only controversy to the song is the medium in which is needs to be listened to. Kanye refuses to release the album on iTunes, only on TIDAL, which is a sort of music app owned by Jay Z.

Whether or not the album get released to iTunes or not, it is worth listening to on TIDAL. The album is an anthem to this generation, with the black lives matter campaign going on, Kanye hit the nail right on the head with this album. After 3 years in the shadows, the legend, Kanye West, still has the touch that can relate to this generation.