The Hidden Gems Review

Casey’s Tavern: Ann Arbor’s local favorite since 1986

By Alisha Birchmeier, Bailey Welshans

Tucked away between townhouses and old buildings in Ann Arbor stands Casey’s Tavern, an easy-to-miss  restaurant, since the sign is raised so high on the building. Casey’s is known for its authentic, home-style food and, more specifically, their reuben. When we visited the restaurant we were greeted by a manager who told us there was a booth in the back we could sit in. Having to scoot through people, we felt very uncomfortable and claustrophobic. We didn’t like that we could easily hear the conversation of the people not even two feet away from us.

Above, the shrimp & Chicken Caesar Salad and to the left is the Cheeseburger. Both were good!

We decided to order onion rings, even though neither of us are quite big fans of them, just to try them out. After about fifteen minutes, we received our drinks and our appetizer. The onion rings were by far the best either of us has ever had!

Taking suggestions from family members who have been to Casey’s in the past, we ordered what we thought would be the best choice: a shrimp and chicken caesar salad and a cheeseburger, dressed with pepper jack cheese, guacamole, lettuce, and onions. By the time we got our food, we were incredibly hungry. The main meal tasted better than we thought, based off of the service we got. Definitely out of all the pubs and taverns either of us have been to, it was better than most. The burger was cooked to expectations, and the salad was seasoned and had good proportions between lettuce and meat. While we never got drink refills during our meal, and realized halfway through our meal that there were only two waiters in the entire restaurant.

Our overall review of Casey’s Tavern is that it isn’t all that bad. Although the service was rather poor, the food definitely made up for it. The atmosphere was friendly and relaxed. We believe it is a great weekday restaurant, and ideal for families. Also, it’s not too expensive for the portions you get!

Photographers Alisha Birchmeier, Bailey Welshans