The Hidden Gem Reviews

By Heather Brouwer

Knight’s Steakhouse, conveniently located on Dexter-Ann Arbor Road, has a wonderful ambiance. The lights are slightly dimmer than many restaurants, and the tables are small enough that in the slightly noisy atmosphere you can still hear the person sitting next to you, which gives off a more intimate feel.

There were options of booths and tables. The tables had extremely comfortable rolling chairs that are nice when you want to look someone in the face but don’t want to go through the trouble of making a ruckus by moving an ordinary chair.

Knight’s does, however, have a slightly older clientele base of middle-aged people. But it had a large variety of food options that are enjoyable to everyone as well.

The service at Knight’s was quick. Within a few minutes of sitting down, we already had our drinks and had put in our meal orders.  Our waitress was extremely friendly and helpful in regards to the menu, and our glasses were never empty.

The menu had a large variety of foods. The choices ranged from salads and soup to seafood and steak to burgers and pasta dishes.  Excluding the steaks, most of the dishes were about $15-$20. It also appeared that they had several scrumptious dessert options.

I ordered a french dip for $11; it was delicious. The bread was fresh and crisp, and the meat, which I ordered medium, was cooked to perfection. The sandwich was substantial and served with generous portions of au jus and potato chips on the side. Overall, the meal was satisfying.

Illustrator Drew Smith

Logan, a high-class restaurant, is found on the corner of Washington and Ashley in downtown Ann Arbor. Walking into the restaurant, the hostess was polite, took our coats, and seated us immediately.

The whole restaurant had a modern, elegant feel. It is painted in vibrant shades of orange, yellow, and green. The bright wall colors helped compensate for the dim lighting, creating an amiable effect on the restaurant-goers. The tables were somewhat small and the restaurant fairly narrow, yet they were spread out enough so that it didn’t feel overcrowded even at maximum capacity. To top it off, the fancily-folded napkins at each table setting and the waiters dressed in formal black and white gave the whole place an extremely elegant feel.

We went to the restaurant at around seven o’clock on a Tuesday, and the restaurant was almost completely full.

Our waiter was polite and informed us on the specials of the day before quickly bringing our drinks and taking our orders. The restaurant also provides a small portion of the soup of the day, which in this case was a delicious lentil and bacon soup. Our entrees took several minutes but were exquisite. During the time spent waiting, our glasses were never empty.

The entrees are between $20 to $30, so they are expensive, but one can never go to a nice place in Ann Arbor and expect a cheap meal. Of course, pricey meals bring great expectations; this meal was spectacular.

I ordered the pork tenderloin. It was artfully arranged on a plate surrounded by a delectable white wine sauce and accompanied by potato pave. The tenderloin was grilled to perfection and the pave, which tastes similar to hash browns but looks ten times more opulent, was also tasty.

Illustrator Drew Smith