Team 8 Takes on 2017

Team 8 Takes on 2017

Dexter Field Hockey’s Team 8 is on the Road to States

By Jillian Chesney

Dexter’s 2017 field hockey team is one like no other.

This team is coached by Trish Mackemer, and is assisted by Keely Tamer, Maggie Olson, and Amy Binder. All of the coaches played in college and have great experience to share. The team is the smallest it’s ever been and is made up of mostly underclassman. In total, there are only 30 players, meaning the Dreads have just enough players to make two teams along with some subs.

Dexter field hockey refers to their team in numbers; this year is Team 8.

With that said, this program is still relatively new to Dexter and continues to grow. Another thing that makes this team different from the ones in the past is how well the players are bonded.

“I think our seniors did a good job on making our team feel like a team, including everyone, building team relationships” Coach Tamer said.

Coach Mackemer added, “This team is way more connected.”

Having a well-bonded team is important to the Dreads’ success. Team 8 works to achieve their goals at every practice and game. In the beginning of the season, the team as a whole decided their goals. The biggest goal is winning the state championship.

“The team identified that they want to be champions,” Coach Tamer said. “It’s a lofty goal, but they have to put in some hard work to achieve it. It’s not out of reach.”

Other goals were made to help the Dreads capture their first state title in Division 1. (Dexter won the Division II championship in 2014).

Dexter has tied once against Skyline and lost in a tough game against Huron. The team recovered from their loss, according to Coach Mackemer, by “identifying our weaknesses and then addresses those weaknesses. I think the big thing is that not a lot of people believed in the beginning of the game and then after the two goals were scored against us people started to believe.”

Dexter plans to play Huron again in playoffs; Except this time, the team plans to win.