OUR VIEW: If You’re Old Enough to Fight, You’re Old Enough to Drink

By: Staff

In the United States, turning 18 comes with many new privileges: fighting for your country, buying tobacco products, adopting a child, voting, getting married and more. With all of these many new entitlements and being considered a legal adult, these freedoms seemingly end at buying and consuming alcohol. Continue reading “OUR VIEW: If You’re Old Enough to Fight, You’re Old Enough to Drink”

Spring Breakdown

As underage drinking levels rise at Spring Break destinations, the consequences are seen as less and less severe to high schoolers
By Michael Bradshaw & Claire Ward

Two anonymous Dexter High School Students were interviewed for the article. They will be referred to as John and Susan throughout the text.

Panama City Beach. Mexico. Siesta Key. Daytona. These places all have many things in common. They have beaches, are warm, are common Spring Break destinations, and have a major underage drinking presence.

As a teen grows up they drift from the magical Disney vacations to the partying at Panama City Beach. Their mascot of choice changes from Mickey Mouse to Captain Morgan.

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