Balance is key for the Dexter Robotics Club Not many students in Dexter High School know much about the robotics club, nor do they realize the effort the team puts into building robots for competitions. Most schools have their own team, with roughly 3000 teams nationally. Michigan is extremely competitive in the field of robotics, mainly due to the sheer amount of teams in the state: 422. That’s one-sixth of all the national teams in a single state. To stay competitive in this league, it’s a serious grind.

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Students engineer success for Dreadbots By Conor Van Dusen The idea of a robot is likely to conjure images of clanky human shaped machines built by old scientists.  However, the term robot applies to more than just that, and here at Dexter High School, a group of trailblazing students are receiving accolades for building their own for use in competitions.  The Dexter Dreadbots is a robotics club established at DHS in 2013.  In its first year the young team understandably struggled and finished the season ranked 110th out of the 171…