Robotics: 3656

Students engineer success for Dreadbots
By Conor Van Dusen

The idea of a robot is likely to conjure images of clanky human shaped machines built by old scientists.  However, the term robot applies to more than just that, and here at Dexter High School, a group of trailblazing students are receiving accolades for building their own for use in competitions. 

The Dexter Dreadbots is a robotics club established at DHS in 2013.  In its first year the young team understandably struggled and finished the season ranked 110th out of the 171 teams in Michigan.  The Dreadbots have since improved drastically, experiencing promising success in the past three seasons.  They were ranked 39th out of 190 teams in 2014, and in 2015 they finished 16th out of 207 teams, qualifying them for the world championships.

This year, the Dreadbots are led by primary driver Clark Sprague, who drives the robot during competition and is largely responsible for designing the robot.

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Curling Club founders make most of obscure sport, hope to leave lasting legacy at DHS

By Riley Gore & Conor Van Dusen

Curling has an interesting history. The peculiar sport was initially conceived in medieval Scotland, and has only been an Olympic Winter Sport since 1998. Curling’s obscurity and uniqueness has enabled it to develop a sort of cult following, particularly in Canada and Scandinavian countries. The distinct nature of Curling is also what inspired a group of inventive students to create the Dexter High School Curling Club (DHSCC).

“To me, curling is a very unique sport,” said Seth Greenfield, one of the founders of the DHSCC. “It seemed very fun for us to get out there and do it, as well inform other people about it.”

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A hard-hitting fact: Increased awareness of concussions has caused controversy, forcing sports to adapt
By Conor Van Dusen & Caden Koenig

When thinking about the recent Michigan vs. Michigan State game, it’s likely the first thing that comes to mind is the spectacular and unexpected finish that left some devastated, others satisfied, and everyone surprised. However, the game winning “punt-six” wasn’t the only controversy surrounding the widely watched rivalry game.

The concussion controversy took center stage in the first half when Michigan senior linebacker Joe Bolden was ejected for falling head first onto Michigan State quarterback Connor Cook. Bolden was ejected from the game for targeting, a rule implemented in 2008 designed to discourage players from initiating helmet-to-helmet contact.

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