Cheating Gone Wild

The Squall talked with a variety of students about cheating, some of whom have been caught in the act and others who have been able to escape persecution. We have decided to leave these students anonymous to protect their identity and reputation amongst their teachers and their peers.

It was Wednesday, the night before my nine-week IB Biology exam. I had gotten little sleep the night before because I had been working all night on my AP government outline. This week was the worst possible week to have this biology exam. All my classes are extremely busy. My AP government test was today, my English commentary was this past Monday, and my Pre-Calc test was this last Tuesday.

I had worked so hard to do well on all of these, but, for some reason, I pushed studying for biology until the night before the exam. My heart is racing. It is worth such a big part of my grade and I could not imagine what my parents would do if they found out I bombed it. If Michigan sees that I got a D in IB Biology, there is no way they would ever accept me.

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Our View: Cheating policies should be more meaningful

By Staff

Academic dishonesty and education go hand in hand, and never goes away. While this can range from copying homework to blatantly cheating off someone else’s test, it has become even more complex and commonplace in recent years. Yet, the Dexter Community Schools’ policy is vague and inconsistently enforced at DHS.

Like everything else, cheating has evolved with the times, especially since technology has skyrocketed. Students have the internet at their fingertips; all they have to do is figure out a way to keep it there during a test.

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