Shield Road is Open for Business

Shield Road is Open for Business

The traffic flow leading to Dexter High School is now a lot more efficient

By mitchell sterlitz

Shield Road has been a pain in most high school students’ lives ever since it closed down for maintenance in the spring of the last school year. Originally, the road was supposed to undergo construction over summer for bridgework and repavement. It was said to be open by mid October. Shockingly, the actual date of the road being open was way off. It opened almost thirty days later. The road crew took a much longer time than expected — as a result, traffic flow suffered greatly.

The drive to school went from being a leisurely morning drive into a monstrous line of metal, stretching a mile of bumper to bumper traffic. This traffic is all because of a major thoroughfare being shut down. Shield Road used to share the load of about fifty percent of Dexter High School morning commuters — this percentage greatly increased as the load was transferred to Dexter Chelsea and Marshall Road.

Thankfully, Shield Road is now back and better than ever. It has a much wider road, fresh asphalt, and a newly built bridge to support the heavy bus traffic that rumbles across it every morning and afternoon. Not only will this lessen the morning commute for those that take the route near Island Lake, but it also promotes easy access to the major destinations around Dexter High School like Creekside, Al Ritt Field, and all of Baker Road.