Shamrock Shakes

Are they a sham, or do they rock?

By mitchell Sterlitz

Shamrock Shakes are a seasonal beverage offered at McDonald’s, and, like any other subject on the planet, have more than one side to their story. According to an employee, the Zeeb Road McDonald’s will start selling Shamrock Shakes at the end of this month and they are available until St. Patrick’s Day on March 17, the holiday that inspired them. 

To some, this may not seem like such a big deal, but to others, this is what they live for. So what’s the deal? Are they all that, or is the Shamrock Shake overhyped? According to the survey conducted with 108 students, 81% believe that Shamrock Shakes are completely worth it.

“They’re scrumptious. I buy two at a time. I used to go every day,” sophomore Rhett Jacobs said.

This is a very enthusiastic response, making Rhett one of the 81%; however, when digging deeper into the statistics, for those in favor of the shakes, he is a minority.

“I don’t really like mint, but I love the shakes,” Jacobs said. This opinion puts him in the 38% minority of those that like the shakes, but dislike the flavor of mint.

The Shamrock Shake can best be described as a minty shake, with a flavor much like that of mint chocolate chip ice cream. Based on the survey, 68% of those that like Shamrock Shakes enjoy mint chocolate chip ice cream.

As for the other 19%, it’s simply a preference of flavor. Many relate it to the taste of minty toothpaste, causing some to dislike the flavor of mint in general.

“The shake reeks of Instagram aesthetic posts,” junior Jon Solsvig said. “Milkshakes are meant for two things, chocolate and vanilla, don’t put no green stuff in my milkshake. The only situation where I’d drink one is if I had a gun to my head.”