Roundabout additions to Dexter

New roundabouts being put in to keep Dexter famliy’s safe

By Kellen Porter

Its that time of year again as the leaves are changing and the temperature is dropping fall is upon us in Dexter Michigan. Fall can be such a beautiful time,but everyone has experienced those late night drives home from the football game and the roads are quite slippy and it is not very visible due to the rain.In most cases people make it home fine but there are a few cases that have led to accidents due to lack of visibility along with weather conditions and people going faster than they should on those dirt roads.Therefore there will be roundabouts put in two separate areas of Dexter to make sure people are staying safe as the weather conditions worsen. There are many pros and cons to these two new roundabouts, for the people that like the roads they way they are I will state the cons.

There are not many cons to these new roundabouts, but it take more time to get places as you will have to wait for other cars.It will also be quite confusing at first for people as they are not used to roundabouts and it will take awhile to get used to.

Now for the pros the pros of the roundabout outnumber the cons by far,implementing these new roundabouts will stop people from flying through town at dangerous speeds preventing accidents and hit pedestrians.It will also help prevent ice or rain related accidents as people will have to slow down and be cautious of other drivers at the roundabout,unlike at a stop light where people will break to late and possibly hydro plane or lose control in the fall,spring and summer,or in the winter they slide on black ice.Over all these roundabouts are a great addition to Dexter and will be prevent accidents in town for years to come.