A healthy eatery that includes both Poke Bowls and Acaí Bowls on the menu

By Jillian Chesney, Allison Wyka, and jordan maisch


PoÇaî, pronounced Po-SA-ee, was founded by Bret Borock and Frank Fejeran who met through Orangetheory Fitness and Ricewood Barbeque.


The address is 1232 Packard Rd, located on the corner of Woodward.

Photographer – Jillian Chesney


The menu focuses on poke and Acaí bowls, hence the name PoÇaî. It’s a simple menu that focuses on “Hand. Held. Healthy.” favorites.


All items are under $15 and the portions are pretty generous. The avocado toast was loaded with toppings, as well as the acaí bowl.


There are a few two-person tables inside and outside. PoÇaî is trying to focus on carryout and delivery, considering the eatery is only 280 square feet.

What To Try

The three of us recommend the acaí bowl and the avocado toast. Although we didn’t try the poke bowl or salads, they still looked amazing.

Photographer – Jillian Chesney