Photostory: Dexter vs. South Lyon East

On Friday, September 8, Dexter’s varsity football team prepared for one of the most hopeful games of the year against South Lyon East. The team went throughout the school as if it was just another day. The team dressed up with their jerseys over dress clothes and handed out their away jerseys for people to wear. The dance and cheer teams dressed up in their uniforms to show support for the team and their school.

During the last hour of the day, some of the varsity football players’ parents came in and set up a pregame meal for the coaches and team to fuel up before the game.

After school dismissed, many of the players in the cafeteria waited for food and talked to their friends. Others could be found taking pictures with the person they let wear their jersey.

At three o’clock, the coach calls all of the team together so they can zone in and focus on the game. After eating for a while the coaches will talk about the game plan and expectations during the game. The players grab their gear and head over to the field – some will walk and some will drive. They take their final preparations on the field and in the locker room before squaring off against the Cougars.