Zac Sharp

My name is Zac Sharp, and I am a junior. I play both basketball and baseball. I am Native American from the BlackFoot Tribe and the Cherokee Tribe. I have two siblings who graduated from Dexter High School who now attend Central Michigan University. After high school I hope to go to college to play baseball.

School lunch actually makes me sick of pizza

School lunches are the worst.  My first year I loved the variety that they had and how they changed it up every day. However, by senior year, I am completely sick of the food that I have pretty much eaten every day for four years. My freshman year I loved the cookies, but now they seem like greasy, disgusting, undercooked pieces of fat that taste delicious. I am disgusted by them, but I continue to eat at least one every two weeks.  And I don’t understand why. Also I don’t…

Cornerstone gym closes, others provide alternate

As Dexter grows it gains more businesses that allow it to transform from a village to a city. And as the demand for exercise grows the exercise businesses in town do too. Many citizens in Dexter have memberships to SNAP fitness and the Dexter Wellness Center, both of which have their own positives and negatives said frequent members. The newest of the three is the Dexter Wellness Center. The Wellness Center which opened June 1 has many forms of fitness to offer. In the gym there is an indoor walking/running…

Arming teachers is not the answer to school safety

Teachers should not have the right to bear arms in school.  Guns were designed for one reason and one reason only: to kill. Since the Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting in Connecticut, people have debated whether or not teachers should carry weapons to make sure something like that never happens again. I understand the idea that if a bad person comes to the school, the teacher could shoot him or her and prevent a tragedy. However, I don’t think it’s that simple. Even prison guards are not allowed to have…

Noah Mellifont

Hi. Noah Mellifont here, current Co-Editor-in-Chief.  We Squall out here.  I play sports on the side but in my free time I write poetry, I dream vividly, and think mentally.  My spirit animal is a Sun Bear.  I splash threes and wear tight t’s…….for the ladies.  You might question, “Why is this guy in charge?” well, joke’s on you, I’m Co-in charge.  My view on baby momma’s is that I’m indifferent.  If you’re an interesting story hiding out there, I guarantee, we’ll find you.

Mens soccer hopes to return to states

The mens soccer team is coming off a season in which they went to states and finished in the final four. Currently ranked sixth in the state with an 8-3-1 record, the possibility of returning to states isn’t out of the question according to Coach Scott Forester who thinks it’s hard to consider the postseason yet. Forester said, “With three weeks left in the regular season, it’s hard to think that far ahead.” Senior Owen Brooks agrees. “It’s hard not to look ahead, but that’s definitely a mindset we have…

Sydney Swigart

My name is Sydney Swigart and this is my 3rd year being a part of the Squall and my biggest inspiration is Lauren Kimmel.  My dog, Juno, is my best fried, and I like to lax for fun.  I love Chipotle and G-Eazy.  I aspire to be Michael Scott, and I can often be found watching The Office.  I hope you enjoyed this factual and entertaining bio about myself.  See you later. – Squid

Jon LeBlanc

My name is Jon LeBlanc. I’m a senior and this is my 2nd year on staff. I have two brothers and an older sister. I enjoy sports play video games, spit 2 bars and get laughed at. I plan to go to Mizzou and study journalism. I love McDonald’s.

Chris Ryan

My name is Chris Ryan, and I’m a junior. I play football and in my free time, I also play soccer and basketball for rec. teams. I have one older brother named Paul. He just graduated from college and now has a job at Dexter High School. I also live at home with my two parents, and I love to hang out with friends.