OUR VIEW: Savor Prom at the Big House

Dexter High School has held prom at the University of Michigan’s football stadium or “The Big House” for the past three years. Michigan Stadium is one of the country’s most widely recognized sporting facilities and home of the Michigan Wolverines football team.

The opportunity to have prom at the Big House excited many students because Dexter is abundant in U of M fans and supporters. Also, the Big House is only 10 miles away from Dexter, making it a fun, convenient, and exciting venue for prom.

DHS students should embrace prom at the Big House because it’s an opportunity that not many schools have.

The main reasons the prom committee decided to move from the high school as the prom venue were liability issues and lack of parent volunteers. However, the transformation sparked student excitement.

In a 2014 Squall survey with 400 senior and junior responses, around 84 percent of seniors and 89 percent of juniors said they were happy about prom being held at the Big House.

When talking to students in 2016, the student excitement still remains. “It’s very cool to walk on the field and go into the locker rooms. Those are places that not many people get to go to and it’s cool to have that opportunity,” senior Nikki Hartman said.

Senior Chris Benson said, “It a great place to take pictures on the field and go up in the box.”

Junior Tyler Woelfel, a strong U of M fan, added, “I am very happy prom is at the stadium because there is no place like it.”

Having prom at the our high school is not an option anymore. Considering that, we could continue having prom at the Big House or have it at a banquet hall of some sort. The majority of students said they would like prom to continue to be at the Big House.

Senior Sofia Sokansanj, who went to prom as a freshman when it was still held at the high school, said, “I wish we could have it back at the high school, but I know it’s a safety hazard with the decorations. If we keep having it somewhere other than the high school, it should stay at the Big House because a banquet hall or hotel would be pretty boring. At least U of M is different and memorable.”

Sam Paul, another senior who went to prom at both the high school and the Big House, added, “prom should definitely stay at the Big House. Just the fact that our prom is at U of M stadium is pretty cool in itself.”

This was a major factor in the continuation of having prom at the Big House. For most DHS students, the opportunity to go to U of M stadium, walk in the locker rooms, take pictures on the field, and go in the suites is very enticing.

Years from now, when the topic of prom comes up, you’ll be able to say yours was at the U of M stadium. We should keep having prom at the Big House because it’s a special experience, and the memories made will last a lifetime.