News Briefs

The biggest local, national, and international news stories that happened over the past month

By Finn Bell

Saltwater Surprise Shocks Students

DHS students recently noticed something strange about the water in the drinking fountains: it was salty. On May 10, the school readjusted its water softener system. This readjustment left some salt in the plumbing, leading to the water in the drinking fountains and bottle refillers tasting awful and salty. While this surprise didn’t last long, it certainly left a bad taste in many student’s mouths.

North and South Korea seek Peace

For the first time in over six decades, a north Korean Leader has set foot in South Korea. This has come as part of new peace negotiations between the two nations. These negotiations are likely to see an official end to the Korean war, after a 60 year armistice. They would also involve both countries recognizing each other as legitimate nations for the first time, as opposed to both sides claiming ownership of both sides of the Korean peninsula.

Cambridge Analytica Scandal

Facebook is in hot water after news broke that it allowed Cambridge Analytica, a data collecting firm, to access the personal information of over 50 million individuals using the social network. Cambridge Analytica, who at the time was working with the Trump Campaign, gathered information on potential voters all across the nation in order to make psychological profiles for the Trump campaign. This has spurred public outcry across the nation over what many view as Facebook violating their privacy, leading to boycotts and investigations of Facebook, which included the companies CEO Mark Zuckerberg testifying before Congress.

Bill Cosby Found Guilty

After a long and grueling legal battle, comedian Bill Cosby has been found guilty of 3 accounts of indecent aggravated assault after a jury convicted him on April 26. The conviction — which has come after nearly 60 women have come forth and said Cosby sexually assaulted them — will land him a minimum of 30 years in prison. As Cosby is already 80 years old, this is likely to be a life sentence.

NASA Launches Planet Hunting Satellite

Coasting off of the recent momentum in the field of space flight, NASA has launched a new satellite aboard a Space-X rocket. Starting in June, the satellite, named TESS (Transiting Exoplanet Surveying Satellite), is designed to find planets orbiting around distant stars. It will do this by measuring the difference in lighting created when a planet passes between the star and the satellite. While limited in scope, this satellite is expected to find thousands of planets, some of which may be habitable.

Saskatchewan Bus Crash

Tragedy struck the Canadian town of Humboldt, Saskatchewan on April 6, when a semi-truck collided with a bus transporting a junior hockey team. The accident — which occurred as the bus was on its way to the town of Nipawin for a hockey game — left 15 dead and 14 more injured, when the bus collided with the side of the semi-truck at an intersection. There has been a public outpour of support for the small town after the tragedy, as numerous politicians and celebrities have made visits to the town, including a presentation of the Stanley Cup to the recovering survivors.