News Briefs

The biggest local, national, and international news stories from the past month

DHS Blood Drive

By Finnegan Bell

On Valentine’s Day, February 14, the American Red Cross is holding a blood drive at Dexter High School. Every three seconds in the US, a patient needs a pint of blood. Due to issues such as winter weather conditions and flu season, blood supplies across the nation are getting dangerously low. The Red Cross urges all students to donate blood to help with this problem. Optionally, students can download the Red Cross Blood Donor app to receive rewards for blood donations.

Trump Delivers First State of the Union

By Finnegan Bell

President Trump gave his first State of the Union address on January 30. As is tradition, the President’s speech was mainly a patriotic display, focused on a theme of national unity and what it means to be an American. The President also used the address to repeat some of his promises from the campaign trail. These promises included rebuilding the United States’ infrastructure, bringing back American jobs, cracking down on immigration, and strengthening the military.


By Tate Evans

A controversial government memo authored by House intelligence committee chairman Devin Nunes and declassified on party lines has added yet another twist in the saga of the FBI’s investigation into the Trump campaigns election activities. Alleging that the FBI used unreliable information to justify a federal warrant, the information shared has been used by the president to support his claims the investigation is unfounded. Both Democrats on the intelligence committee and the FBI themselves, however, have said that the claims purported in the memo are misleading and not representative of the actual investigation. In response to the memo, the democrats have drafted their own version, and are actively pursuing its publication.

Second Annual French Exchange Approaching

By Tess Alekseev

Last year, french teacher Jamie Aumend brought the French-American cultural exchange to Dexter. After spring break, DHS french students hosted French exchange students for two weeks. In fall, there was a threat of cancellation of the planned second exchange, but students that participated in the first exchange talked to the school board, and were able to reinstate the program. On February 24th, the French will be coming back to Dexter, and in June, Dexter students will be traveling to France, where they will stay with their exchange student for two weeks.

SpaceX Brings Style to Space Travel

By Tate Evans

After months of building hype and anticipation, SpaceX finally launched their new ground breaking falcon heavy rocket in early February. Consisting of two reusable boosters strapped together onto a core stage, the new falcon heavy blasted into space quite the payload: a Tesla Roadster sports car. Intended to function as a test payload for the new rocket, the cars planned trajectory will see it shooting past the asteroid belt between Mars and Jupiter, forever destined to float in the cosmos. With David Bowie’s “life on mars” confirmed to be playing on the cars radio throughout the planned trip around the solar system (or at least until the batteries run out) SpaceX CEO Elon Musk has certainly put his best foot forward in restoring the American publics love of all things space

US Government Shutdown

BY Tate Evans

After months of short term budgets being the norm for congress, the United States found itself without a budget and in government shutdown when negotiations fell apart the day before the government was to close its doors. While a deal had been struck that would have averted the shutdown, it was quickly shelved after the president expressed disapproval to the immigration concessions made to the democrats as apart of the deal. Spending only three days in shutdown, most ill effects were averted, and another short term budget was passed in a bipartisan deal that would keep the government coffers flowing until February 8.