New Year, Same Football?

After another 0-9 season did Coach Jacobs really make any changes to the football program?

By Kellen Porter

Last year, Coach Koenig was let go after going 1-35 in four years giving Dexter football the worst losing streak of all of the high school football programs in Michigan.

Coach Phil Jacobs was hired to be a motivator and rebuild Dexter to its former glory, he was working the kids extra hard in the weight room and on the field, making sure that the team would be ready for those close games in the fourth quarter and have the energy to pull out the win. Unfortunately, there were no close fourth quarters as the team went 0-9 for the fourth season in a row.

People ask what he changed about the program if they did not win games, how did Coach Jacobs improve the team?. This year, Dexter was able to double their total in points from last year to this year because the offense found its groove. The problem was the defense, as it was still allowing upwards of 40 points a night. A reason for this is the football teams lack in numbers. When compared to other football teams, Dexter’s is tiny. If you look at the opposing team’s sideline compared to ours, the opposing team’s sideline is usually double ours, already giving the opponents a large advantage.

That lack of players leads to fatigue, as the defense can no longer keep up with the big running backs from the opposing team. Even with heavy fatigue as their biggest drag on the field, the team improved every way they could. There is some young talent in the pipeworks that, in my opinion, will get Dexter their first win in the 2018 season.

Overall the team made lots of improvements this season on total offense and points allowed on defense. The offense scored a total of 130 points and the defense allowed a total of 435 points this season. Compared to last season when the team scored 76 points and allowed 369.

The losing streak is now up to 40 games.