New Extended School Year

Michigan public schools feel students need more days in the school year. 
By Joe Ramey

Next year, Dexter High School, along with every other public school in Michigan will be implementing an extended school year.  

A five-day extension to the end of the school year will meet the state requirement for hours in school a year.

A state law saying public schools are not allowed to start before Labor Day has hindered the possibility of keeping the last day of school a consistent date.

“We’re looking at an extension that will take us through June 20, but the contracted calendar of next school year has yet to be negotiated,” Dexter High School Assistant Principal Ken Koenig said.

None of the dates are set in stone, but the 2016-17 school year will be extended as well as all future years in accordance with the newly issued law.

“Essentially, we will be adding an additional week to the end of the school year, and those five extra days will allow our school to reach the required hours for that year,” Koenig said.

Michigan’s public schools have been falling short, in regards to the amount of hours in school, so the installation of this law will ultimately force schools to acquire the hours needed.

“The amount of school days extending will be harmless,” sophomore Brady Rosen said. “I’m sure the majority of us will forget about it.”

Every public school within the state of Michigan will be implementing the extra 5 days to meet the State requirements and they will all be ending within a week of each other, contrary to the normal, skewed release dates of prior years.

“If I was presented the choice of choosing between a small extension to the school day to a five-day extension at the end of the school year, I would much rather have the five extra days,” junior Sophie Kurcz said.