Holiday meals can be a huge health problem

Families gather. Sleigh bells ring. Chestnuts roast over open fires.  But is there something not-so jolly about this holiday season? How about the excessive eating habit that is somehow always associated with this time of year?

The excessive overindulgence is even pictured in the symbolic images of the holidays we celebrate this time of year: Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas and every other religious holidays. 

For Halloween the tradition is to go from house to house with the purpose of  acquiring as much candy as possible.

For Thanksgiving, we celebrate by literally eating a ton of food, (stuffing, ham, pumpkin pies) and at the end we eat a giant turkey. Also for the whole following week after Thanksgiving, Americans stuff their faces with leftovers.

For Christmas we celebrate “Santa Claus,” a fat dude who brings gifts through the chimney.  In return we feed him cookies and milk.

Sure, the holiday season is fun, but it can be dangerous to your health and is a huge cause of obesity for common Americans trying to get in the holiday mood.