The Hidden Gem Reviews

A classic, Ann Arbor, hoagie shop is a must-visit eatery

By Jillian Chesney & Jacoby Haley

Izzy’s Hoagie Shop is in a strip mall located on West Stadium Blvd in Ann Arbor, Mich. This strip mall is not very appealing to the eye, but this should not steer you away from visiting this hoagie shop. 

You’d never notice Izzy’s just driving by, but the shop gives off a retro vibe with its bricks and neon sign. As we walked in, we were greeted immediately by the lady at the register.

We ordered two 10-inch cheesesteak hoagies along with onion rings, fries, and two large soft drinks. We found a booth in the back of the restaurant as we waited for our food. Finding a seat was not an issue. There weren’t many customers in the restaurant, but don’t let this stop you from going. Our food came relatively quick.

The cheesesteaks came out first; the onion rings and fries came minutes later. The hoagies were by far the best food Izzy’s has to offer. The onion rings and fries tasted ordinary. The cheese on the hoagies tasted like a Kraft American Single; this was one disappointment.

Even though the cheese wasn’t the best, the grilled steak was our main focus. It was tender and nothing but flavorful. You had the option of adding grilled onions and mushrooms to your hoagie to top it off. We added onion – a smart move.

The biggest issue with Izzy’s is its lack of cleanliness. The floors were very dirty and the interior was outdated. We think more customers would be inclined to eat inside Izzy’s if interior improvements were made. The cleanliness should be Izzy’s main priority because the name of Izzy’s wouldn’t be the same without its current interior. The walls were lined with photographs of Ann Arbor, adding a college town feel despite not being located in downtown Ann Arbor.

We would recommend this hoagie shop to everyone because of the well-priced and generous amount of food. While the shop was nothing special – none of the food stood out of the ordinary – the price of Izzy’s food made the trip worth it. A single hoagie costed $8.75.

Izzy’s Hoagie Shop is a simple, yet classic place with amazingly good food.