Guns: Do Something

By Joe Ramey

Recently, progression has been a hard idea to grasp. The laws surrounding the use and acquisition of firearms in the United States are clear, yet the second amendment itself is outdated and riddled with grey areas. With recent tragedies in mind, reform is essential now more than ever.

Though the Bill of Rights states that every United States citizen has the right to own a firearm, that does not mean that all legal guns are comparable in way of caliber and potential damage. The right to bear arms grants U.S citizens the ability to purchase and lawfully use firearms. This right is highly debated because it makes the purchasing of deadly weapons easier.

Regardless of its legality, purchasing a firearm solely for the purpose of practicing your rights is incredulous. The justification of some of the guns is criminal.

The areas of the amendment that allow citizens to purchase guns of semi-automatic capabilities needs to be revised. The amendment grants “the right for people to keep and bear arms” for the purpose of security and to form a  “well-regulated militia.” The intended scope of the amendment is not present. It allows citizens to purchase any gun they so desire under their own state laws. This is a problem.

Guns like .22 caliber rifles, .16 gauge shotguns, and other similar guns are justifiable because of their practicality in way of hunting and other activities. The use of an AR-15 is constitutional, but entirely idiotic. It is a semi-automatic machine gun that utilizes a large magazine to make the firing of rounds more efficient. An AR-15 is easily modifiable, and can be adjusted to hold magazines that can fire up to 100 rounds. In what world would efficiency to this extent be needed? No act other than a massacre needs such an efficient weapon.

Discussion of the lawfulness of these weapons has been present since their legalization. In more recent years, it has been synonymous with mass shooting around the United States. They share a common denominator: AR-15’s.

Sandy Hook, the Orlando nightclub, the Las Vegas music festival, the church in Texas and now a high school in Parkland, Florida. All of these mass shootings were the bi-product of the AR-15.

The use of assault rifles in America is constitutional but illegitimate. They’re not practical in any way. Its categorization as constitutional is far outdated because of how guns have progressed since the constitution was signed.

The ignorance that coincides with the topic is just as a dangerous as the rifles themselves. The climate that surrounds the topic of firearms is ever changing, making perspectives and opinions inconsistent. The more guns progress, the more radical people views become. We should not have to conform to a society with this type of weaponry, we should regulate what is being made and distributed, consequently making the country a safer place. We need to have a grip on what people use and what people acquire, making sure the U.S citizens are equipped and rightfully protected, while still providing a safe place to live.