Growing Pains

A look at freshmen growing into their high school lives

By Mitchell Sterlitz

Everyone’s gone through it at least once. The unfortunate few, a couple of times. Most people can agree that freshman year of high school is usually an ugly duckling phase.

Transitioning from being the big fish at the middle school pond to bottom feeders clinging to the walls in high school, just hoping to make it to their sophomore year.

On top of the already stressful transition into high school, Dexter’s freshmen this year have to face a program foreign to them because of a new program – known as the personal learning program (PLP) – introduced in middle school. This form of education was almost exclusively online, and it is extremely unorthodox to the way most schools are taught today.

Regarding whether it is beneficial or detrimental, no one is fully sure because the program was only implemented last year. In the next few years, it might be successful enough that it becomes the standard for middle school or even high school education in the United States.

“Yeah, it’s really hard to adjust to my classes because of just how different it is,” freshman Samuel Sterlitz said.

Most likely this shift in the norm won’t be too terrible to the learning ability of current freshmen, so there isn’t much to worry about, except for the big, scary seniors that would kill any freshman as soon as they look at them.

This is, of course, all satirical (or is it). But as a message to all freshmen out there, from personal experience: I can promise you it gets better.