“Finstas” Necessary or No?

OUR VIEW: Fake Instagram Accounts Aren’t neccessary, but still worthwhile

For those who do not know or did not see, an article regarding posting on social media was published in the Squall. This article referenced how posting two times a day isn’t ideal for an instagram account.

Enter the finsta.

Some students already know what these “finstas” are, but for those who don’t know, it is a compound word that, when separated, means fake instagram. This new phenomenon has swept many of the normal, daily instagram users. These daily users now have their main account, which is referred to as an “insta” or “rinsta” (rinsta means “real instagram”), where only nice pictures get posted.  Then they have their finsta, which serves a different purpose. In all, most see finstas as unnecessary and is proof that our generation is “too caught up in technology”. I mean they aren’t wrong when saying they aren’t necessary; however, they are a fun new branch of social media.

On a finsta, students can post whatever isn’t deemed insta worthy as often as they want (some rules apply).  You are allowed to post whenever you want.  A creation of a finsta is to merely appease close friends, and because of the content that some finstas contain, it is often purposely kept that way.  Finsta accounts typically remain private, meaning the user controls who follows their account, to prevent the embarrassing pictures from reaching unworthy eyes.  The common teenager takes endless selfies and pictures, so when only a few of those hundred pictures are considered insta worthy, the user becomes overwhelmed with the excessive number of unposted pictures.  With a finsta, students no longer have to keep their embarrassing, entertaining, and random pictures to themselves.

Instas are a different beast. The user only posts their best pictures once a week, and the goal is to get as many likes possible. The focus of a finsta is to share informal pictures with friends.  While the focus of instas are to share nice, quality pictures.  In terms of followers, the more followers a student has on their insta account the better. A majority of users are obsessed with the number of followers they have. The slogan for instas is “the more the better”.  This contradicts to a finsta which has no ideal follower count or like count.

Taking a step back and looking at the big picture, finstas are definitely not necessary and they show how intertwined our generation is with technology.  In the past, users used to never show unworthy pictures, but as students became more attached to technology, they find ways to become more involved with social media.  Having a finsta is in no way detrimental, they are a fun way to keep students connected with each other outside of school hours, but they still aren’t necessary.

Finstas are just the product of students trying to cling to a new internet fad.