Fall Sports Update

Fall Sports Update

A broad look into the world of fall sports

By  Kellen Porter, MITCHELL STERLITZ, & Mike Waltz


Women’s Swim and Dive

Dexter women’s swim and dive team has started off strong this year, promising another year of dominance. They have shown a lot of potential and are working on continuing to build their legacy.

“Our goal is to aim for 20 straight years of winning SECs” said sophomore Elizabeth Merz when asked about the district swim meet.

Merz also says the team chemistry is “really great”, which is manifested in all of the motivational posters the girls make for one another.ome may assume swimming is an individual sport, and they’d be right in most cases. But one look at the Dreads and it’s obvious that when one girl swims, the whole team is right there with her, cheering her on.

Women’s Cross Country

Whether it’s punishment or athletic achievement, running is a way of life for Dexter’s women cross countrty team. The women’s cross country team has put in countless hours grinding away over summer, just to drop a couple of seconds off their race times.

“The team is really strong and we have two more SEC races before regionals,” said senior Sabina Carty. “[The girls] haven’t raced [their] best yet because of the sun and heat, but once it cools off [they’ll] definitely be able to show what we can do as a team.”

Women’s Golf

Women’s golf has come back better than ever with a strong supporting cast of underclassmen. This year’s team has great chemistry which has lead to their success in tournaments. In practice, they have been trying to improve their swings to make the ball soar down the green.

“It’s going great, we finish 2nd or 3rd in most tournaments,” Sophomore Sarah Moore said.

Overall the team has made lots of progress since last year and they’re looking forward to having a decent finish this November.


It might not be the biggest sport in Dexter High School, but the Dreadnaughts in equestrian are a very tight-knit group. This year has been a very strong year for the team as they have been destroying all competition. There is no team in the state that can stand up to the powerhouse that is Dexter equestrian.

“The year is going well, we have already locked in a spot for regionals,” sophomore Emily Weaver said. “We usually finish first or second in most of the tournaments we play.”

The season is still young, but from what they have shown in the tournaments they have played in, they are on a warpath to states and they will let no one stand in their way.

Men’s Cross Country

For the men’s cross country team, every day consists of donning uncomfortably short shorts that leave too little to the imagination and running in even more uncomfortable heat after school. Most sane people would agree that whatever reason they’re doing it for, it better be to the point of ending world hunger or at the very minimum to cause world peace. The shocking part is that these athletes run… just to be better runners. After questioning one of these crazed cardio addicts, it truly gave an insight to the mind of a cross country runner.

“Cross country is great,” sophmore Austin Zeglis said. “[We] have mostly underclassmen and we have a few guys that are crazy fast.”

The team placed second in the white division of the SEC in the last two jamboree meets. With all their top 7 runners running under 19:00 at SEC 2, Dexter is shooting for a strong finsih at the SEC championship meet on October 19.

Field Hockey

The Dexter women’s field hockey team is truly in top shape, despite losing 11 seniors. The girls have shown complete dominance in all of their games except for two, tying against Skyline and losing 2-0 against Huron.

Senior Alyssa Gilson said “[The team atmosphere is] really light, everyone on the team are good friends and we all like to include each other. Last year we had a lot of seniors and the team dynamic was very heavy and serious.”

The girls are hoping to win the elusive state title this year, after just falling short last year to Huron in a shootout.

Men’s Tennis

Dexter tennis has no returning seniors this year and only two returning juniors. But thanks to heavy persuasion by this year’s sophomore class ,the tennis team is quite safe. To start off the the season the tennis team was quite rusty. But after lots of hard work and team building, they are a heavy favorite for districts. The leader of the young Dexter tennis team is sophomore Jared Enciso.

“It’s going well, we just finished second in a tournament,” Enciso said.

The strongest aspect of the tennis team this year is partner play. The fourth string pair of sophomores Bryce Martin and Simon Kim are a very good combination against lackluster competition but overall the team is looking forward to a great end of the season.

Men’s Soccer

Dexter men’s soccer has put on another impressive year with their hard work and determination as they work towards finishing the season with a perfect record. The team has showed complete dominance in almost all their games, with the exception of one tie against Ypsilanti. Their great teamwork and drive pushes one another to become a force to be reckoned with.

“We all played club soccer together which really helps us be successful” senior Daniel Higgins said.

The team is in great position going into the SEC, as well as possibly adding a second consecutive district championship to their legacy. The big goal: a state championship.

Women’s Volleyball

The Dexter volleyball team has had a strong season even with the loss of five seniors. Their hard work on and off the court had made quite the difference this year. Early in the season the team went an impressive 6-0 in the SEC white jamboree with wins over teams such as Pinckney, Tecumseh, Adrian, and their rival the Chelsea Bulldogs.

“Our team is trying really hard to improve, and we are all determined to win,” said junior Taylor Venuto. “I hope everyone comes to dig pink [on Tuesday, Oct. 17] to see how well we are doing.”

Junior Sara Sheaffer said the offense is one of their biggest strengths. Overall the team is a close knit group that has tons of potential and is setting their sights on a district championship.