DHS begins using a buzz-in system

DHS begins using a buzz-in system

By kira perry & rachel wittenberg

Around two years ago, Dexter Community Schools was given a $500,000 dollar grant to install a buzz-in security system in the six of its buildings, Assistant Principal Ken Koenig said.  

However, not every building used this security system as was originally intended.  Bates Elementary School has been using it for a while, said Stacey Wing, Dexter High School’s secretary.

DHS, however, started using the buzz-in system last Thursday after the Stoneman Douglas High School shooting happened in Parkland, Florida.  After this tragedy on the February 14, the county superintendent sent out an email about school safety.  That is when the high school decided to start using the buzz-in system.

“I probably buzz in about 50 people a day,” said Wing, who keeps the camera and button on her desk. Wing also said DHS will be getting another camera and button to put on another secretary’s desk.

An administrative meeting will take place on Tuesday where school safety will be a main topic of discussion, Koenig said.