Dexter’s Walkout

By Isabella Franklin

On March 14, students around the United States took a stand about school safety and the value of student lives.

DHS students headed out of the school’s front doors after second hour with signs and chalk to express their views on gun reform, school security, and changing the country’s system. The walkout mainly involved listening to student speeches given by seniors Marin Waddington and Joe Ramey and inscribing messages on the sidewalk in front of the school.

To protect and monitor the students during the walkout, there were teachers lined near the school’s entrance and buses blocking every road entrance.

“To me, it means that we get to see all of the people who believe that we need to have a change in what’s happening in schools, and people that believe it’s really bad that this is still happening, even in 2018,” sophomore Katie Schroeder said. “I hope that it’ll show that people really care about this and that a lot of people want to see this change, and hopefully it’ll make people more inclined to make a decision to change this.”