Concert Review: The Beach Boys

By Tess Alekseev

On July 27th, the Beach Boys returned to Detroit. I was perched up in the general admission seating, but for $11, I could make out faces and hear the music surprisingly well. The opener, Righteous Brothers, started at exactly 7 p.m. and set a great mood for the Beach Boys, who came on soon after.

At the opening notes of the first song, “Surfin’ Safari”, the crowd erupted into cheers. It was clear they were all extremely excited to see the boy band with all members now in their 70s. And despite their age, they sang incredibly well. I couldn’t make out a difference between their studio recordings and what was right in front of me.    

In between playing their old hit songs, much to the crowd’s approval, they called out to the crowd and referenced Detroit often. Occasionally, there were more risky references: “Shoutout to everyone out there on the grass!” to which those alongside me on the lawn cheered and whistled. “And the lawn!”

The whistles and cheers were replaced with an uproar of laughter, and Brian Wilson led into another song. The music went until around 10:30 p.m., and everyone, including me, left buzzing with excitement and happiness.