Clinton, Trump appear on collision course

Clinton, Trump appear on collision course

By George Deljevic

The 2016 presidential election is heating up at this time of year. Primaries and Caucuses are happening left and right. In the thick of all this there are some presidential candidates that we have our eye on.

Illustrator - Christopher Gaskin
Illustrator – Christopher Gaskin

Former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders, businessman Donald Trump, Ohio Governor John Kasich, and Texas Senator Ted Cruz. Lately, The Democratic party favorite is Clinton, while on the right side of the spectrum Trump is keeping up his position at the top.How do the students of Dexter High School feel about this?

“I think that this election is much more interesting than any other,” sophomore Jimmy Fortuna-Peak said. “I’m excited to see what happens.”

Trump leads the Republicans with 739 delegates, while Cruz has 465. Kasich has 143.

“I think that Governor Kasich will eventually make his way up in the ranks as we get closer to election time,” sophomore Trent Barnes said.

How is Trump still winning? DHS students say it is his popularity.

“He gives the people what they want in such a controversial time in American history,” Barnes said. “What he says gets the people fired up.”

Clinton leads the Democratic race with 1,712 delegates while Sanders trails with 1,004 delegates as the final primaries near.