Zac Sharp

My name is Zac Sharp, and I am a junior. I play both basketball and baseball. I am Native American from the BlackFoot Tribe and the Cherokee Tribe. I have two siblings who graduated from Dexter High School who now attend Central Michigan University. After high school I hope to go to college to play baseball.

Noah Mellifont

Hi. Noah Mellifont here, current Co-Editor-in-Chief.  We Squall out here.  I play sports on the side but in my free time I write poetry, I dream vividly, and think mentally.  My spirit animal is a Sun Bear.  I splash threes and wear tight t’s…….for the ladies.  You might question, “Why is this guy in charge?” well, joke’s on you, I’m Co-in charge.  My view on baby momma’s is that I’m indifferent.  If you’re an interesting story hiding out there, I guarantee, we’ll find you.

Sydney Swigart

My name is Sydney Swigart and this is my 3rd year being a part of the Squall and my biggest inspiration is Lauren Kimmel.  My dog, Juno, is my best fried, and I like to lax for fun.  I love Chipotle and G-Eazy.  I aspire to be Michael Scott, and I can often be found watching The Office.  I hope you enjoyed this factual and entertaining bio about myself.  See you later. – Squid

Jon LeBlanc

My name is Jon LeBlanc. I’m a senior and this is my 2nd year on staff. I have two brothers and an older sister. I enjoy sports play video games, spit 2 bars and get laughed at. I plan to go to Mizzou and study journalism. I love McDonald’s.

Chris Ryan

My name is Chris Ryan, and I’m a junior. I play football and in my free time, I also play soccer and basketball for rec. teams. I have one older brother named Paul. He just graduated from college and now has a job at Dexter High School. I also live at home with my two parents, and I love to hang out with friends.