Athletes in the Crowd

By Mitchell Sterlitz and Dylan lorincz

Tristan Lorincz | Freshman | Water Polo

Tristan Lorincz is an up-and-coming water polo athlete, and coaches have noted his savviness for his age. Lorincz racked up five goals at the Dexter JV Tournament, where the team ended up winning the tournament in a dominant fashion, going undefeated through their four games. Lorincz also had a four-goal game against Huron. He usually plays the wing position and scores a majority of his goals from this area.  “I’m proud of myself for being able to put up those numbers, but I’m really just trying to get better and play a varsity game this year,” he said, noting the varsity team is currently on a 22-game winning streak.

Bryce Martin & Simon Kim | Juniors | Tennis

Dexter men’s tennis doubles team Bryce Martin and Simon Kim have worked their way up in the tennis world, sitting at a current record of 9-1. Although they’ve only been a duo for two years, they make up for their lack of experience with off-court bonding and individual training. “We stay on the tennis grind all year round, on and off the court,” Kim said. The pair has achieved this level of success because they push each other to do their best everyday. Their goal for the season is for the program to make states.

Quinn LaFontaine | Junior | Volleyball

Quinn LaFontaine is a right side hitter for the varsity volleyball team. As a front row player, her job is to spike the ball and to block opposing hitters’ attacks on her side. This makes her a versatile threat both offensively and defensively for Dexter. “Before each game we have a tradition where everyone gets in a circle and my coach yells, “Everyone jump with Quinn!”, and everybody jumps in a circle to get loose,” LaFontaine said. This pregame ritual, on top of the hours spent on the court and in the weight room, has spurred the team to a 22-5 record.