Athletes in the Crowd

A look into the lives, motivations, and future plans of three star athletes

By Jillian Chesney

Eva Gaetino is a freshman at DHS. She plays soccer for the Michigan Hawks. Gaetino loves soccer because it’s her outlet from all the craziness going on in her life. She feels that her teammates are the “best people ever.” Her motivation comes from the goal of playing on the full national team (USWNT). This goal pushes her to play and work harder each day. Her coach and teammates also motivate her by continuing to push her and holding her accountable in regards to soccer. Gaetino was trained by Damion Cook, a former lineman for the Detroit Lions.

“His job was to get me stronger, and he just had so much joy in his heart that it his primary purpose of being a physical therapist didn’t matter,” Gaetino said.

“Whenever I get down, feel sorry for myself, or have an injury to overcome, I always think of him, and realize how blessed I am to have people in my life that believe in me.”

He was and still is the source of her motivation.

Gaetino plans to continue to play soccer in college. She has visited Princeton, the University of Michigan, Notre Dame, West Virginia, University of Virginia, and Penn State. She is currently unsure of where she wants to attend and will continuing visiting other schools.

Casey Dolen is a junior who is part of Dexter’s boys swim and dive team. He also swims for Dexter Community Aquatic Club (DCAC). He’s been part of the high school team since his freshman year. Dolen has been swimming for 12 years.

“I enjoy it because of how close it brings me to my friends. Also the dedication,” Dolen said.

Dolen considers Coach McHugh to be one of his biggest supporters because he is always pushing him to improve, even after the high school season has ended.

“This year I want to be in the top 3 of the 200 free at the state meet, and also win one of my relays,” Dolen said.

Dolen plans to continue swimming in college, but he hasn’t decided where. He is an athlete to watch during this upcoming season.

Kylie Cabana is a sophomore who plays soccer and basketball for DHS. She plays soccer for the Michigan Hawks and DHS. Cabana plays basketball for the Dreads. In her past seasons, she played on JV as a small forward. She pays center mid in soccer. She was very successful her freshman year and plans to continue to excel in both basketball and soccer this upcoming season.

“I’ve just always grown up playing my two sports, and I love playing because they’re both so fun and I love the competitive atmosphere,” Cabana said.

Cabana says that her family and teammates are her biggest supporters. Her goal has always been to play soccer in college. She would like to attend any big school that offers a good scholarship.