Album Reviews

Reviews of some of the most popular albums from September.

By Zach Bagbey

Kamikaze-Eminem 3/5

The legendary rapper and lyricist Eminem, dropped his surprise album “Kamikaze” early last month, where he addressed and responded to the backlash he faced after the release of his previous album “Revival”. With Dr. Dre listed as a producer, it’s no surprise every track has a phenomenal beat.

Eminem raps with a bitter and angry flow, and drops some of his hardest bars in years; unfortunately, that isn’t saying much considering the only album that has been released in the last five years was “Revival” which was sub-par, to say the least. Nearly every track involves Eminem calling out many artists for various reasons, even reviving disputes from 2012.  Although this project is nowhere near the quality of Eminem’s earlier works, it’s an enjoyable album that signifies a return to form for Eminem.

East Atlanta Love Letter-6lack 4/5

In his sophomore album, R&B singer 6lack discusses personal relationships.  He sings with a melodic and moody flow, and every track flawlessly flows to the next with seamless transitions.  Most of the tracks revolve around his love life, but there are a few songs about the relationship he has with his daughter. The feature list on this album has 6lack singing alongside the likes of J Cole, Khalid, and Future.  Not only are his lyrics excellent, but his singing is always in key even when he reaches for the higher range.  “East Atlanta Love Letter” may not bring any unexplored topics to the table; however, it’s still an enjoyable and pleasant sounding dive through 6lack’s personal life.

iridescence-BROCKHAMPTON 4/5

When a band loses its cover man it usually doesn’t go well, but BROCKHAMPTON continues to create high-quality experimental hip-hop even with the loss of Ameer Vann.  Their newest project has a very spacey and auto-tuned sound, and the different styles of the band’s seven vocalists all blend and work together surprisingly well. Iridescence explores the band’s reactions to their fame and captures each members feeling towards it. Each song perfectly leads into the next while still having its own distinct sound and vibe.  Every vocalist has their own moments on the track, and while BROCKHAMPTON did face a setback with the scandal surrounding Ameer Vann, this album is evidence it won’t affect them.