A Disappointing NBA Playoffs

By Riley Gore

The 2015-16 season has been a season of change for the NBA. The Golden State Warriors went 73-9, Kobe Bryant played his final NBA season, and new stars are beginning to emerge.

Being a big NBA fan (Pistons especially), I had a great time following the NBA season. I thought All-Star weekend was well put together, my two favorite teams had great seasons that weren’t expected, and everything seemed to be shaping up to make a great month of playoffs. I couldn’t be more ready.

I bought my Pistons tickets for game three and game four a month in advance, the day they were released to the public. All I wanted to see was the Pistons get one home win, and to see LeBron lose. Being the eighth seed, I wasn’t expecting a series win, all I asked for was one game.

However, once the series was over (much sooner than I hoped), I saw no Pistons wins in a quick four-game sweep. I do feel that the Pistons played their hearts out and actually made it the best and most competitive series this year. This is not saying much.

The playoffs have done nothing but disappoint me. Almost every first round series was boring, and the higher seed won every series. The second round came along, and the series were even worse. With the exception of Miami keeping it very close with Toronto, the other three series consisted of a sweep and a lot of blowouts.

It was terrible to watch. Many people expected the Spurs to cruise easily after winning game one by 40 points, but Oklahoma City came storming back and won four out of the next five games, many of which were blowouts.

The Warriors did their thing, even without Stephen Curry for most of the series. Lastly, Cleveland won easily, and it almost looked as if the Hawks just gave up every fourth quarter.

People may make an argument the the Conference Finals are better so far, but this is simply not true. Yes, Cleveland and Toronto are currently at 3-2 in their series, but in each of the wins, the winning team won by at least 20 points with exception of game four, in which Cleveland came back in the fourth quarter to make it slightly interesting.

The Warriors are finally being shown they aren’t invincible, which is nice to see, but there aren’t many positives to come out of the playoffs this year. While it won’t change much, because I will still love the NBA, these playoffs have been really disappointing for many reasons, especially with how the regular season turned out.

I’m hoping everything will get back on track next year.