8 interesting facts about March Madness

Interesting facts about March Madness and predictions of who will win the championship from DHS students

1 . The odds of having a perfect bracket are 1 in 9.2 quintillion

2 . The tournament costs companies 1.9 billion dollars an hour on wasted work time

3 . A number 16 has only beaten a one seed once in the history of the tournament 

5 . The Nit was made before the NCAA tournament. The Nit was once considered the main tournament

6 . Out of all of the different teams to enter the tournament, only 35 have ever won the title

7 . Kentucky has been to the tournament the most times with 55 entries

8 . UCLA has the most titles, with a total of 11

According to a survey of DHS students (above), Michigan has the best chance of winning the title with 18% of the votes.

The Squall bracket (above)  has been set and we predict Michigan to win.