Valentine’s Day Horoscopes

Predicting your February love life with the characteristics of your zodiac sign

By Julia Bell and Megan Sarns

Aries: Communication is your key to relationship success this month, or it could be your downfall. If you’re in a relationship, a misunderstanding is on the horizon, so word your thoughts carefully (and make sure your spellcheck is on!) If you’re single this month, the relationship you’ve been pursuing may not be as out of reach as you think, but subtlety will prove unsuccessful. We’re talking grand gestures. Blimps are probably the way to go. Most compatible sign: Libra

Taurus: Just in time for Valentine’s Day, February is a promising month for Tauruses when it comes to finding a new love in an unexpected place. But those already committed to a relationship should be warned: this month could introduce a trying time between you and your partner. The best thing you can do to avoid a tumultuous breakup is keep your temper in check and bring $20 in cash to Megan Sarns, Room 407 between 11:00 and 12:45. Most compatible sign: Scorpio

Gemini: Last month, you and your partner walked a rocky path, but navigating your relationship this month should be smooth sailing. You may not be one for commitment, but your current relationship has a promising future. Single Geminis, however, should probably take a more casual approach to dating, because a long-term relationship isn’t expected to appear this month. Maybe you should try a dating app or something? Most compatible sign: Sagittarius

Cancer: You have a tendency to be clingy in your relationships, and this month, your partner needs space. Seriously, stop texting them every five minutes. It’s okay. Also, your friends are sick of hearing you talk about your partner all the time; it’s actually pretty annoying. Single Cancers are hopeless romantics constantly on the lookout for the ideal partner. You have high expectations, but the perfect person for you might be right under your nose. Most compatible sign: Capricorn

Leo: You’re extremely forward in your relationships which can sometimes scare off potential partners, but this trait can be an advantage if used in the right way. Single Leos have a high likelihood of entering a relationship this month, so put yourself out there! The person you like may or may not like you back (but you didn’t hear it from us)! On the other hand, Leos in relationships are known to be overly jealous, so it might benefit you to, like, calm down. Most compatible sign: Aquarius

Virgo: You’ve been more focused on school and extracurriculars lately, and there’s nothing wrong with that! A past relationship has left you untrusting, so you may not be ready to dive back into dating. If you’re in a relationship this month, you might be feeling a little insecure and unsure of yourself. It’s important to communicate these feelings with your partner because they’ve noticed you drawing back. You should probably get on that ASAP. Most compatible sign: Pisces

Libra: This is the month to leave your inhibitions behind and go with the flow. Whether single or in a relationship, don’t be afraid to express your feelings. It’s time to stop considering the opinions and judgments of friends and family and listen to your heart. Go out on a limb and take a risk. You never know what may happen. Love is on the line! Most compatible sign: Aries

Scorpio: Be cautious with your words and actions this month.  Someone is likely to confuse your kindness for romantic interest.  To avoid an uncomfortable misunderstanding. Draw a line between friendly and flirty.  If you’re in relationship, remember to take care of yourself this month. You may become so focused on the happiness of your partner that you forget to consider your own. Most compatible sign: Taurus

Sagittarius: Remember to be social this month. Stray from your usual crowd and talk to different people. A seemingly normal conversation will be the start of something new and exciting.  If you’re in a relationship, pay more attention to your friends this month.  Someone close to you will soon start to feel forgotten. Don’t spend all of your time with your partner. Your relationship won’t be ending anytime soon, but if it does, you will need your friends close by. Most compatible sign: Gemini

Capricorn: You will find love in the most unlikely of places this month, whether it’s the person you’ve been best friends with since childhood, or the one behind the checkout counter at Busch’s. Many of the best relationships are unexpected, so don’t be afraid to take this step. If you’re already in a relationship, watch your budget this month. Spending more money on gifts and dates will not make your relationship stronger. Money can’t buy happiness! Most compatible sign: Cancer

Aquarius: You’ve been rejected too many times recently, and this month will be no different.  You just haven’t found the right one yet; it has nothing to do with you being ugly! Aquariuses in relationships are headed towards a breakup this month. Your partner wants out, so take it from us and dump them before they dump you. Act soon. Like, today. They will probably be relieved they don’t have to do it themselves, but once again; it has nothing to do with you being ugly! Most compatible sign: Leo

Pisces: Much like a wise owl, you have a good sense of intuition and are able to understand the true motives of others.  If you’re in a new relationship and sense something fishy, make like a cheetah and get out quick.  If you’re a single Pisces, it’s time to wrap up old relationships and prepare for new ones, like a squirrel preparing for winter. If you’re waiting for closure, you will find it this month, and become a free bird. Most compatible sign: Virgo