The Hidden Gems Reviews

By Blake Leonard & David Merz


Grillcheezerie is a unique restaurant located in Ann Arbor. They have many different takes on an American childhood classic. The most signature item is the “S’mac N’ Cheese,” which is three cheese macaroni and cheese, between aged cheddar melted on Italian white bread. They also have very different tastes such as the Honey Apple Grilled Cheese which is a grilled cheese with sliced green apple, red onion, and dijon mustard. If you’re not feeling very daring the Grillcheezerie also offers classic tastes like the pizza sticks which is a 3 cheese grilled cheese with pepperoni and pizza sauce. The Grillcheezerie had a very laid back environment with a rustic interior. On a Thursday night, we were the only one’s there, and the service was fast and friendly. Overall, the Grillcheezerie did not disappoint our high expectations and is definitely somewhere we would return.


Hunter House Burgers is a family owned business that has a retro diner interior complete with bar-style seating and pegboard menus. Hunter House also made a great first impression when “Get Low” by Lil Jon was playing when we walked in. At Hunter House, the signature is their slider-style hamburgers/cheeseburgers with the choice of up to three patties as well as lamb and vegetarian options. Each burger comes with onions and a choice of toppings ranging from jalapeños to a fried egg. While the burgers are a bit smaller, the price reflects that as a triple cheeseburger is only $4.10. Side options include fries, their well-known tater tots, onion rings, and pickle fries. In our opinion Hunter House does not quite reach the high bar set by Blimpy Burger, but is definitely a great alternate option if you want to try something new.

Hunter House Hamburgers


Pizza Bob’s was supposed to be an Ann Arbor classic with some of the best pizza in town; however, we disagreed. Looking around the place, it looked like it hadn’t been cleaned since 1980, when it first opened. The seating wasn’t great since it was such a small restaurant but luckily it wasn’t busy which was surprising since we were there on a Saturday night. Although our first impression of Pizza Bob’s wasn’t great, the well-known vanilla shake was the best thing there. Next, we ordered cheesy bread, a pepperoni and cheese pizza which we agreed was average at best. Each pizza was $13. It’s not a bad price, but given the quality of the pizza we didn’t think it was worth it. Since there are so many cheaper and better pizza options especially in Dexter, Pizza Bob’s isn’t worth the trip.

Pizza Bob's


Jamaican Jerk Pit is probably the most interesting restaurant in Ann Arbor, hidden below an apartment building right across the street from Hill Auditorium. You walk into the basement and the room is filled with authentic Jamaican posters and artifacts as Bob Marley’s playing in the background. It wasn’t too big of a restaurant but there was still plenty of seating and the service exceptional. Walking in we were skeptical about how good the food would be but after having our Jamaican Beef patty and coconut shrimp we were instantly impressed. Next we ordered the Jerk Chicken and Jerk Oxtail special that came with rice and vegetables, followed by Jerk Cheese fries, a Jamaican twist on chili cheese fries. Dessert consisted of slices of coconut cake and cheesecake, both some of the best cake we’ve had. Overall the Jamaican Jerk Pit was an Ann Arbor must, between the unique atmosphere, food or service, it was definitely our favorite restaurant.

Jamacian jerk PitScreen Shot 2016-02-18 at 7.38.29 PM