The Hidden Gems Review

Krazy Jim’s: All But Typical; Nothing But Worth It

By Jillian CHESney & Jacoby Haley

Prepare to be yelled at, rushed, and made fun of, but love every second of it.

At Krazy Jim’s Blimpy Burger, the staff is harsh, but the food is great. Upon entering, one is welcomed by the clean restaurant and warm scent of anything greasy.

With more than two million different burger combinations, the obscure menu features an artistic take on everything they serve at the burger joint, and the choices are quite nearly endless.

Along with burgers, there are various grilled cheeses and a few other sandwiches. To accompany your sandwich, there are five different fried veggies to choose from. For drinks there’s many bottled sodas along with classic fountain drinks. The choices at Krazy Jim’s are endless.

When you’re in line to order your food, it’s best you know exactly what you are ordering. The staff will bombard you with rapid-fire questions about your meal. If you don’t know what you are getting or say something without being asked, prepare for a friendly ridicule from the staff members.

In fact, plastered on the wall by the menu are the exact steps in which to order: ”Listen to the questions, answer JUST the question.”

After you make it through the line and receive your food, there is a decent amount of seating in the dining area. The place is well kept and very clean. Our food was nothing short of fantastic.

Between the two of us in a minimal amount of time, we ate two large burgers, an order of large fries, fried cauliflower, and a drink. With great toppings for the burgers we were able to get eggs, onions, and bacon on our burgers.

Krazy Jim’s doesn’t offer an option for how well the burgers are cooked; all the burgers are cooked to be well-done. Our veggies choices, fried cauliflower and french fries, both did not disappoint.

While dessert options are available, Blimpy Burger is strictly that – a burger joint.

The price of our brgers together was $14.19. Our sides, drinks, and desserts added up to be $12.30. Krazy Jim’s food was well worth its cost. Through and through a great gem in downtown A2 that all should try.

7 – Value, 8 – Atmosphere, 9 – Taste, 8- Service