Teams and Dreams

A quick look at the start of the girls’ volleyball season to come

By Mitchell Sterlitz

The Dexter girls volleyball team is looking formidable going into the 2017 season, and hoping to build on last year’s loss in the first round of districts to Huron.

It was a bitter defeat to be knocked out so early, but the Dreads are using that loss as fuel to burn for this season. The Dreads had hoped to go much farther and make a run in the playoff due to their first place seeding in the SEC white division. 

Last year, they had four seniors to help push the team to victory all throughout the regular season, and the team is looking strong with five leading seniors this year.

“The team is looking good this year,” said junior Brooklyn Brown after a 3-1 victory against Pioneer. “We have a lot of support with the amount of people showing up to the games, and I feel like we are connecting really well as a team this year.”

The team’s discipline in that game and others this year has been mesmerizing for fans; it almost seems as if the players on the court all think with the same brain.

“We put in six hours a day over the summer and it really contributes to them having a strong mental bond on the court,” Head Coach D’Ann Dunn said. “We’ve had a great start, going 11-3, and our only losses are to top-ranked teams.”

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