Former Technology Director Sentenced In Embezzlement Case

By Kyle Doyle & Lucas Bell

Brian Tungl, the former Technology Director for Dexter Community Schools, was found guilty of embezzling more than $50,000 in iPads, Macbooks,cell phones, cameras, batteries, hard drives, and other pieces of technology from the district on May 23, 2016,

School officials have stated that Tungl stole somewhere close to $300,000 over the course of  four years.

The legal battle that started following the 2014 investigation into Tungl’s actions was drawn out over the course of two years, finally ending yesterday. Judge David S. Swartz, of the Washtenaw County Trial Court, sentenced Tungl to six months jail time, 500 hours of community service, two years of probation, and restitution to the district. The amount of restitution will be officially decided within the next 60 days.

“We are saddened at DHS and Dexter Schools that a former employee took advantage of their position to purchase items for their personal use,” DHS Principal Kit Moran said. “Schools are already strapped for cash and knowing this a school employee knowingly embezzled school money… That hurts. And it really hurts kids!”

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Hidden Gem Reviews: Breakfast

Who doesn’t love a good breakfast? Three Squallers set out to find the hidden breakfast spots in the Dexter/Ann Arbor area. Here’s what they found.
By Lucas Bell, Kyle Doyle & Christopher Gaskin


A delightful haven of breakfast delicacies that is hidden off Ann Arbor-Saline road was our first breakfast place to indulge. However, indulgence did not come immediately.

Saturday mornings are the best time to get breakfast, but try to get there early. After 30 minutes of waiting, we were seated. The atmosphere of Nick’s calls to mind a more modern diner, with it’s combination of incredibly comfortable booths and tables, paired with a rusty tan tile.

image1The ambiance feels diner, the business occurs like a formal restaurant.

A huge arrangement of hits from across the decades (From “What’s Going On?” by Marvin Gaye to “3AM” by Matchbox 20) played over the radio at a good volume; Not overbearing, but loud enough to hear. The waitress that took our order was obviously stressed with a full section, but she remained calm. However, she was forgetful, as it took her until midway through the meal for one of our coffees to come. Another  waitress spilled some coffee on the table and just walked away without a word.

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I’ll Write a Title Later: The Story of Senioritis

By Kyle Doyle

The days grow longer, the sense of freedom grows stronger and the work ethic plummets. No longer do the feelings of school work anxiety and pressure to keep grades up plague the senior as he or she aimlessly walks from class to class, blissfully aware of the feelings of apathy they are experiencing.

The senior I’m describing has the dreaded sickness known as Senioritis.

“I have a severe case of senioritis,” said a senior that declined to be named for the fear teachers would know just how lazy they really are. “It has been with me for pretty much all of high school, but it’s been especially bad this final semester.”

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Stress, Sophomores, and AP Classes

If the American Dream includes taking extremely advanced classes in 10th grade, I’ll be happy with the choice to live my ‘lazy’ dream
By Kyle Doyle

The class of 2018 has an opportunity that we, the classes of ‘16 and ‘17, never had: The opportunity to bog down three years of their high school career with hours of homework, nervous breakdowns, and expensive tests.

Starting this year, sophomores have been allowed to take AP/IB classes that are offered at Dexter High School. AP/ IB classes that before required pre-requisites earned through freshman- and sophomore-year classes.

But why?

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