Non-Browning Apple

Soon to hit markets in the Midwest, a new fruit is causing minor controversy among consumers and farmers

By: Lisa Zuiderveen

Over the next few months, a non-browning apple will be appearing in select grocery stores in the Midwest. Arctic Apple is finally launching the apple that they have been testing for nine years. There is a lot of controversy on genetically modified organisms (GMOs) because of possible adverse effects in the future.   

This apple has been genetically modified to eliminate the browning that occurs when an apple is left out in the open air. Advocates hope this will appeal to consumers and people will begin to view GMOs positively rather than negatively.

GMOs have been used for our food products since the beginning of civilization. Farmers would take the largest apple and take the seeds and then plant those to create a breed of the bigger apples. The same thing occurs with corn, and corn has had a massive impact in many foods we consume. It’s changed sugar, gas, and is used as a primary ingredient in animal feed.

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