Porter’s College Football Playoff Top 10

By Kellen Porter

In 1950 the AP poll was created to determine the rankings of the top 25 college football teams in the nation.The AP poll stands for the Associated Press poll. The way the poll works is because writers from around the country vote for who should be the number one team in the nation.

For the team that gets the most votes they become the number one team in the country the amount of votes each team gets from the associated press determines their place in the rankings. But there is one major problem with the Associated Press ranking teams in college football. The people in the company are loyal to their alma mater, resulting in their judgement being slightly biased and not accurate to rank the top 25 teams in the nation.

Therefore, since I have not gone to college yet and have no bias, I will give my honest opinion and rank the top 5 teams in college football.

#1 — Alabama Crimson Tide  Nick Saban and the Tide are back at it again this year on a revenge tour after a heartbreaking last second loss to Clemson in last year’s national championship game.With sophomore Jalen Hurts at the reigns of the offense and with Da’shawn Hand returning for his senior year to lead an already stout defense, no one will be able to stop the Crimson Tide. In the six games they have played, they have had little competition. However, that does not take away from the fact they are destroying teams like Ole Miss and Vanderbilt by 50 points or more. Therefore, for now, they are my number one team in the country.

#2 — Clemson Tigers Dabo Swinney leads a very young Tigers team this year as they  are trying to make it back to the national championship. Even with the young team that Dabo has it looks very possible that the tigers could win back to back championships. After Deshaun Watson left for the NFL Clemson’s offense was left without a starting quarterback, but freshman Kelly Bryant has mastered the offense and looked like a fourth year starter out on the field in his first six games. Along with high scoring offense Clemson might have the best defense in the country as defensive end Dexter Lawrence is leaving quarterbacks bloody and bruised at the end of every game. Clemson was projected to have some struggles against #15 Virginia Tech along with Louisville and reigning heisman winner Lamar Jackson.But in both contests Clemson has run the score up on Virginia Tech and Louisville. Over all Clemson looks very strong so far, but with a young team it is hard to tell how good they really are so therefore I will leave them at number two.

#3 — Penn State Nittany Lions  Penn State came out of nowhere last year to win the big ten and beat USC in the rose bowl. With returning quarterback Trace McSorley to manage the offense and Heisman candidate Saquon Barkley in the back field Penn State looks to run up the score on every team in the Big Ten conference this year.The reason i’m putting them at number three is that they had a tough time against a lackluster Iowa team along with the fact that they really haven’t played anyone that good. Therefore they will stay at number three in the country Penn State will prove themselves when they have to play #17 Michigan and #9 Ohio State in back to back games.

#4 — Georgia Bulldogs Georgia is my dark horse candidate to win it all this year as in the pre season Georgia was ranked high as they always are in the preseason .But unlike prior seasons when they would go up against solid out of conference competition in the first two weeks they did not lose. They went into South Bend to play #16 Notre Dame and they controlled every play in that game.Other then that game against Notre Dame Georgia hasn’t had any real competition handling all teams they have played so far with ease. The reason they have been able to control games is they finally built a solid offense and star running back and leader of the offense Nick Chubb.Georgia has all the right pieces in place to make a strong run for the championship this year But to make it to the championship they will have to get past Alabama in the SEC championship game.

#5 — Texas Christian University Horned Frogs TCU was expected to be lackluster this year but with rising Star Kenny Hill under center and the dynamic duo of Kyle Hicks and B.J Catalon in the backfield the air raid attack of the Horned Frogs have been unstoppable this season. With quality wins against Oklahoma State and West Virginia, TCU looks like a surefire contender for the Big Twelve championship this year.If TCU can beat Heisman candidate Baker Mayfield and the Oklahoma Sooners along with rival Texas Tech, TCU has a good shot at the Rose Bowl this year they are still a couple of steps away from making to the championship game.

Honorable Mentions

6. Washington Huskies

7. Wisconsin Badgers

8. Washington State Cougars

9. Ohio State Buckeyes

10. University of Miami (Florida) Hurricanes