Music Review: Beyonce’s “4”

By Maddie Wright
Special for The Squall

In Beyoncé’s album 4 there are a variety of mature hit songs that express love in relationships that will make an impact on you to last a lifetime. Beyoncé is a powerful artists that has an interesting  a way to communicate and relate to many situations in her life that her listers are can relate to. Her songs in 4 are never a boring listen and never run short on making you want to listen more.

Beyoncé is aiming for something challenging with album 4. The album 4 is relatively risky with songs that extended from a soft and eloquent vibe which resembles a similar artist to Beyoncé: Adele. Adele has stunning voice to which she can portray her emotions very well much like Beyoncé does in a variety of songs from 4.

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Music Review: Lindsey Stirling’s “Lindsey Stirling”

By Bri Cannistraro
Special for The Squall

Who says music needs words to be amazing? If you do, listen to the Lindsey Stirling album by, well, Lindsey Stirling.

She is a magnificent violinist with skill far that she puts into songs that no one could match even if they tried. She integrates other instruments into her work but her violin is what does the most amazing with it.

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Music Review: Sam Smith’s “In the Lonely Hour”

By Erin Evans
Special for The Squall

New artist, Sam Smith, released his debut album In the Lonely Hour in 2014, and since then, six of his tracks have raced to the radio. The young artist of 22 blends pop and sentimental soul in a dramatic manner. Almost two years after the release of his first, professionally recorded full-album, this album is still popular.

The album begins with an upbeat, electronically mixed song that tells listeners of Sam Smith’s sincerity. He belts that “I [Sam] don’t have money on my mind,” but in fact, he sings for the love of his fans and family. Despite the quick beat of this song, his voice comes through as pure and calm, and it is certainly a song that fans can energetically sing along with. The next track completely shifts tone, and it keeps audiences listening.

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Dexter’s Final Rose

2008 Dexter graduate Lauren Himle was recently a contestant on the 2016 season of The Bachelor
By Katie Fischer & Taylor Smith

We all have seen the reality shows on TV, and have most likely imagined what it would be like to be on the show. Lauren Himle doesn’t have to imagine any longer.

Himle, a 2008 graduate of Dexter High School, was nominated by her friends, family, and coworkers to go on The Bachelor. Himle went through a long audition process where she traveled to Los Angeles for a casting weekend, and a two-week long wait to get the call that she was on the show.

It was going to be an experience like no other. Before Himle left her parents told her “to just be [herself] and to have fun with it. It would be a great adventure if nothing else.” That wasn’t all they shared either. When it came to tips on how to act on the show they said, “be nice to the other girls [and don’t do anything that would cause for a black box over any part of your body.” Eager to meet Ben Higgins and possibly fall in love Himle went and was filmed on the show.

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DEXSWIM Strikes Again

The Dexter Men’s Swim and Dive team captures a state title to join the Women’s team as 2015-16 champions
By Lizzy Merriman

It’s 3:42 p.m. The next three minutes will decide how Dexter leaves the pool: champions, or runner-ups. Bending down to grip the block just seconds before the gun, adrenaline pumps through the veins of everyone in the room. One false move will end you, one negative thought could destroy you.

“Take your mark… BEEP!” Suddenly shouts and whistles fill the natatorium. For some, this race completes a swimming career, for others it decides their future. The pressure under each and every athlete to win the title for the team, their coach, and themselves is unimaginable and enough to overload their already-exhausted bodies and brains.

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Saad Selim: More than a Sub

By Riley Gore & Blake Leonard

Although Saad Selim may seem like like just another substitute, there is more to him than meets the eye.  Selim was born and raised in Mosul, Iraq, a city controlled by ISIS as of June 2014, and lived in Baghdad most of his life.

  In Iraq, Selim attended The University of Technology of Baghdad and has a Bachelor’s Degree in Engineering and Avionics.  He owned his own HVAC Heating and Cooling company in Baghdad and spent his time travelling Iraq working as a contractor for the United States Army. He travelled from base-to-base fixing walk-in coolers and air conditioning units, and even worked on United States Airplanes.

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Robotics: 3656

Students engineer success for Dreadbots
By Conor Van Dusen

The idea of a robot is likely to conjure images of clanky human shaped machines built by old scientists.  However, the term robot applies to more than just that, and here at Dexter High School, a group of trailblazing students are receiving accolades for building their own for use in competitions. 

The Dexter Dreadbots is a robotics club established at DHS in 2013.  In its first year the young team understandably struggled and finished the season ranked 110th out of the 171 teams in Michigan.  The Dreadbots have since improved drastically, experiencing promising success in the past three seasons.  They were ranked 39th out of 190 teams in 2014, and in 2015 they finished 16th out of 207 teams, qualifying them for the world championships.

This year, the Dreadbots are led by primary driver Clark Sprague, who drives the robot during competition and is largely responsible for designing the robot.

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Q&A with Mr. Heuser

By Mika Brust & Caroline Darr

How long have you been teaching at Dexter High School?

“This is my sixth year here, so I came here after almost 15 years at the Ann Arbor News.”

Why did you want to become a teacher?

“Teaching is in my family’s history: my mom was a teacher, my sister was a teacher, I have aunts, uncles, cousins who have been teachers. For me it’s something that I’ve always thought about and I’m happy I did it.”

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Clinton, Trump appear on collision course

By George Deljevic

The 2016 presidential election is heating up at this time of year. Primaries and Caucuses are happening left and right. In the thick of all this there are some presidential candidates that we have our eye on.

Illustrator - Christopher Gaskin
Illustrator – Christopher Gaskin

Former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders, businessman Donald Trump, Ohio Governor John Kasich, and Texas Senator Ted Cruz. Lately, The Democratic party favorite is Clinton, while on the right side of the spectrum Trump is keeping up his position at the top. Continue reading “Clinton, Trump appear on collision course”

Why Students are Opting for Reduced Schedules

By Jesse Linton

Senior year is a fun and exciting time for students, but also requires focus and effort to finish their high school career strong.

Something many seniors choose to do is take a reduced schedule. A reduced schedule is offered for seniors either first or sixth hour, shrinking the school day to only five periods.

There are various reasons students can have a reduced schedule.

“I recommend reduced schedules for students who are working after school, for dual enrollment purposes or if no classes are available that makes sense for student to take, or if no credit is needed,” counselor Kristie Doyle said.

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