Music Review: Rihanna’s “Anti”

By Lisa Zuiderveen
Special for The Squall

Rihanna released her eighth studio album Anti on January 28, 2016. The album starts off well with “Consideration (feat. SZA).” The song has a very good beat and is entertaining. SZA also helps to create some diversity in the song other than just Rihanna singing. Overall, this was my favorite song on the album and the one with the best sound.  

Many have heard her song “Work,” track No. 5, and can’t seem to get it out of their heads because of the repetition. If you’ve listened to the song you’ve also heard, or not heard, her mumbling words that no one really understands, Rihanna thinks otherwise and confronted the issue by saying  that “You get what I’m saying, but it’s not all the way perfect. Because that’s how we speak in the Caribbean.”

The song is annoying but catchy at the same time because of the repetitiveness. Infact, most of her songs are very repetitive not just the one that is getting so much air time on the radio.

“Desperado”, track No. 6, is also very repetitive. The whole song is basically Rihanna singing “Desperado” over and over and over again for three minutes; it’s not very entertaining and the beat isn’t catchy like “Work.” “Work” also had a break where Drake sang some words other than “work” which made it less repetitive. Drake and Rihanna, on and off again lovers, recorded “Work” together in the Caribbean. Their sound fits well together and makes “Work” a little more bearable.

“Sex with Me” is repetitive but the tune and sound flows well together and has less energy than “Work.” Rihanna’s songs in general are very repetitive, but “Desperado” and “Work” are probably the most repetitive out of the 16 tracks.

“Same Ol’ Mistakes”, track No. 9, was a different kind of torture. The song was very sensual and boring it lasted 6:37. “Same Ol’ Mistakes” should just be called “Mistake;” I honestly was done with the song after one minute but had to endure another painful five minutes.   

After “Same Ol’ Mistakes” is track No. 10,  “Never Ending.”It is a nice change from “Same Ol’ Mistakes” and it has a slower beat than most of Rihanna’s songs. The harmony is very sensual in a better sense than “Same Ol’ Mistakes”.  

Still not really sure where Rihanna came up with the name Anti and what it means for the album but there wasn’t anything “Anti” about it.  

All in all the album was okay, If she took “Same Ol’ Mistakes” out of it I think it was pretty decent album.

RATING: 2/4 stars