Letters from the Editors

Opinions of a teenager who may or may not be qualified to offer life advice but is going to do it anyway

By Nick LeBlanc

It’s been 17 years at Dexter, 12 in Dexter schools, four in high school, and three on The Squall staff.

High School has been a wild ride. As cliche as it might sound, DHS has provided all of us with ups and downs throughout our four year journey. We’ve made everlasting friendships and memories, and at the same time, met people we would rather forget.

As we walk across that stage, the fact that we are finally done with high school will set in. It’s a new chapter. We will remain close with some, but the hard truth is we will lose touch with many people who were friends during our stay at Dexter Community Schools.

No matter how insignificant the people might seem, the goodbye is going to be harder than it may seem. To the kid that you sat next to in third hour, to the person you hung out with a couple times, to the person who you say exchange a friendly “hi” with, they will all be gone.

These last few weeks will be the defining moments of your memories of high school, make the most of it. Do daring things. Take risks with these people as you may never see them again. Go make memories with people that you’ll never forget because at the end of the day, you don’t want to look back on high school and your senior year and say, “dang, I wish I would’ve kept in touch with so and so or spent more time with them.”

Instead, strive to say, “I made the most out of those friendships that I possibly could, and I had some good times with those people and I’m glad I used to know them.”

Because while friendships may go sour after a while and people may start to split apart (which is natural), the memories made with those people never will and you’ll be able to look back and say you enjoyed them. You won’t remember the assignment, you won’t remember the project, and you won’t remember the test, but you’ll remember the people who you grew up with and helped mold you as a person. So, go out and make as many memories as possible so you’ll love those people everyday of your life for years to come.

Whether you make-up or break-up after that final step is taken inside Dexter High School is up to you; just remember the people you’ve spent time with here during the past four years may actually be more important to your life than you think. As always, make today a good day. Or not. The choice is yours.