Letter from the Editors

Opinions of a teenager who may or may not be qualified to offer life advice but is going to do it anyway

By Caden Koenig

We made it. Thirteen years in the Dexter system. Same faces and places. Most likely, at least for me, my friends have been the same since I went to Bates.

I have gained and lost a few along the way, but the main core of friends I have known for majority of my life. That might be the hardest part for me; Thinking about leaving seems so appealing at some point, but then the next minute you are unsure how you will make it without the family and friends that have been there with you.

Now, I know some just can’t wait to get away from everything and everyone. The new adventure is nothing but exciting for them. I think part of me wishes I could be like this, but I’m not. That’s okay with me though because I believe that means I made my time in Dexter worth it.

The memories of walking to DQ on the last day of middle school to getting dropped off by my parents to go to the movies or hang out with friend… I hope those don’t ever go away. I hope I am excited to come home during breaks.

I just do not want to forget our one-street downtown that always seemed lively on the sunny Saturday mornings. I know I’m reminiscing. I also know that some couldn’t care less about Dexter; however, the fact is we have seen a lot together through our 13(?) years attending the same schools.

The biggest moment that stands out to me is the tornado. We were only seventh graders, but that didn’t stop most of us from going out and helping people. I think that is what makes our 2017 class different.

We are all willing to help people out. That only makes it that much harder for some of us to leave. Growing up, I couldn’t even remember my “graduating class year,” yet for the past four years all I have looked forward to is 2017.

It seems surreal that it’s finally here. Although Dexter will be tough to leave, I think that all of us will be successful in most aspects of life wherever we go.

June 11th will be the last day where all of us will be in the same room, and most likely the last time some of us see each other.

Take this how you may, good or bad, but don’t forget it: We have had a great 13 years together, and it is worth a memory or two.